Heart of Stone


Was born with a dare

like a beast without  fear

Living my life wasn’t

The greatest desire

But knocking the death was in my fire

This was the moto of my life

Which made my heart go stone

The fear scared me which

Once made my life torn into pieces

I am a beast

Which could never fear

About Life which tears

I always stood first

Never cared about  tears

My life was all clear

No fear and no tears

In the path of a  dark day

I saw a chap of eight

Who never had a weight

Was too weak for his own good

And he loved the breathe with  fear

He did not fear me ’cause I was born to tear

But the boy left me in despair

Oh god why was I born to tear

There is nothing I fear and no tear

You made me hard beast

A rock which never cries

I had no love in my life

It was always dark here

Making it all clear

That my life is without any fear

But now I am scared

Because this life never aspires

I want a life of tears like the old chap

Who had sense of fear

But I have made it hard

My heart which never fear ……………………………………………….


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