“In the claws of ticks, he was caught….
In the dirt of chaos and he was pulled about…
with the sword of time he fought….
the mass held his side, showing support…
He won over those span turning uncertainty to respect!!!”

Beep….. beep … beep …

The teacher stopped what she was scribbling on the board and sensed the sound in doubt. Searching for the source, she identified the source to be Mohammed’s bag as he was clicking on some device pulled out from his bag.

As she moved closer, along with the terrified faces around, at the first look itself her mind screamed;

”BOMB..!!!”. Without further ado she pulled him out with the device in his hands and ran to principal’s office.

Later what took place in front of him was like a chaotic drama to him. The device was snatched from him after questioning him; why did he bring it to class to which he replied whatever he know. He saw his principle and teachers making a lot of phone calls and looking at him in anger and doubt.

He still didn’t get a clue what he did wrong in bringing a clock he made to show to his teacher and get the final touch up done on it.

He made it for his mom; he remembered with love. He always saw her working hard for his family even though she is ill; she always misses her food and medicines, how much ever he tried to look after. His class schedule was the issue, that’s why he made this clock for her to keep check on her, as a reminder alarm for her medicines and food. His naïve mind with love towards his mother thought this is the best solution to make his mom better; he was ignorant to the poverty issues at house that she had to skip meals and medicines to save food for him. Being in a Muslim community in such an area they were held with doubt, never to be helped.

As he was imagining further about the happy face of his mother; he got the news of his suspension with respect to the doubt that he brought a bomb to school and cops were present to arrest him.

His self-esteem was injured, his young mind burned; being from Muslim community doesn’t give them right to accuse him under such unreasonable doubts; he strongly believed.

He stormed out of the station as soon as he was cleared off with the charges; his intelligence knew how to reply them back well.

He let the world know what injustice have happened with him, about the discrimination the young mind had to face. The news didn’t take much time to spread, like a forest fire it spread across, gaining him followers and supporters around the globe.

His life took a deep turn with the flare in him, the time to glory started ticking he felt.

Tweets, token of support poured in from big shots around the world he gained a new platform to hike high with innovation. The world held his back.

He saw his mother happy during these, happy that her son is getting such a support from people and finally their lives are going to get better.

After that he never had to turn back, he got a crowd to appreciate his ideas and innovation, got a platform of esteemed panel who shared knowledge with him.

Taking steps one by one he was reaching to his goal of becoming a scientist making his mom more proud.


25.. 24.. 23….22….21….20…19…18..17…..

Satish Dhawan Space Centre; Sriharikota the rocket launching hub of ISRO was on its countdown to the launch of their latest rocket – ‘Kalki’.

Their lead Mr Mohammed was on the dice drowned in the scene a watching over his most awaited dream unfolding real before him.

Another clock that will be the next mile stone in his life……


#inspired from trending news; clock doubted as bomb – #Ahmed_Mohammed