You never know what the world holds for you,

but it is certainly the reflection of what your

mind believes it to be…

for that is how the world rolls,

to reflect and revert your strongest thoughts;

The power we hold to write our fate,

the very trap that could engulf your dreams.

To cripple or catalyze the reach to goal

is what you ought to introspect!

Claws of around are up to bound

with judgments, advises and stereotypes;

for  the one who could win over himself,

those knots will never have their chances!

Flames of glory embrace those souls,

the scars of rebel is worth the gain!

Let them sing your praises,

pay smile to those mortal sounds;

let it not form the cage again,

for that is what it is to be,

the maze of all those locks and poison.

Spark is yet to unleash, to rise and grab those peaks;

let we war the common, to lift up to the glow of passion!

Be The Risen One – Arudha!