This Book was gifted to me by the author Mr. Uttam Kumar in a competition.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR OF THE BOOK: Uttam Kumar has a Master’s degree in Mathematics. He has had a liking for writing since his childhood, but this book is his first publish work. His upcoming books include “The Moment Of Truth” and “Recruitment Hijacked”. You can follow him on twitter @ramuk76 and like his page at http://www.facebook.com/AuthorUttam. You can also email him at sututtam@yahoo.com
BOOK REVIEW:  1st job and 10 mistake by Uttam Kumar is a handy Financial-Guide not only for the budding employees but for the youth and the working sector of India. The book has fine and detailed , easy to follow instruction to handle one’s finances well rather than ending up with debts and to the worse, suicides! The performa and target sheets given in the book is rightly pointed to the procrastinating trend and is very helpful.
I found the book informative and it succeeded in serving its purpose to an appreciative extend! The precise and systematic writing is an added attraction. Some of the points are repeated ( maybe to emphasize), the main solution is to consult a finance adviser sooner and the content is like old wine in new bottle ; also the style of presentation channelized interested audience into a small sector.
Overall out of 5; i would rate it a 3.5 😊

You can get the book @ http://www.amazon.in/1st-Job-Mistakes-Uttam-Kumar/dp/9385137069/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1447266608&sr=1-1&keywords=first+job+and+10+mistakes