About The Editor – Mani Khanna:

Mani Khanna is currently working with a leading advertising agency as an Editor/Senior writer. She is an avid blogger and has a love for books thus read a lot. One of her short story was published in an anthology by Authors Ink Publication.

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About The Book:

‘Colors of Life’ is an e-Anthology edited and compiled by Mani Khanna. It explores the different shades of life as the name suggests. This edition has 13 works of writers bringing out different aspects of life through the magic of words.

Book Review:

As said it contains stories and poems with an attempt to show different essence of life. From the first piece, it didn’t have that charm to stick the reader to go further. From the cover to the works, what you feel might be ‘it could have been better!’. There are works that may truly touch you and also some that could easily make you skip it. The efforts are to be truly appreciated, for the creativity it holds!

  • The Photo Frames – Mani Khanna

The writing style connects with the reader. I found this one predictable and to prove a point maybe a little more than necessary detailing. I would rate 3/5

  • Lost and Regained – Vaidehi Sharma

One with predictable plotline again but it touches your heart in the right places. I loved the real life drama essence in it. A family color of life for which I would give 3.5/5

  • Eternal Love – Vrushali Patel

A short heart wrenching shade of life depicted through well written words. The soul of the work is rightly conveyed with the right content. This one would gain a 3/5.

  • The Silent Man – Rabjot Singh

This is a story inside a story about a man who fought against hypocrisy and stood out of the box with silence and his own weird yet effective ways. I found the writer trying to explain his heart out but it is the same main point kind of exaggerated. I would rate this 2.5/5.

  • The Closed Door – Vimala Ramu

A real life silly incident shared with words. This one can give you smiles even though I expected more humour reading author’s bio and was not satisfied enough to smile wide. The realistic writing is a plus point in this and it could gain 2.5/5.

  • Karma – Ameya Agarwal

The open scene of how our politicians who are supposed to service us for our welfare work; impressively related with how karma can be a bitch.

The writing style and the thought are the plus points earning 4/5.

  • Smoking Kills – Husna Advani

This one has an unexpected twist adding to its beauty. The writer held the hint of suspense very well in her writing until the end. A dark shade of life effectively conveyed. This one gains 4/5.

  • Altruistic Saviour – Carlos Luis

Heavy name and heavy theme is discussed here. Even though the thought is good the writing style is a turn off. The change in person and twist in story created confusion. The writer could do much better with his impressive bio. Rating: 2/5.

  • The Mute Narration – Jasleen Kaur

A lot of things explained with a life of a mute woman and the happenings of her life. The writer said many things from women in men’s world to old age misery and drifting away relations. I think it would have been better if it concentrated on one main theme.

The writing style, choice of words when repetition is necessary can be taken care of. I would mark it 3/5

  • The Perfectly Imperfect Story – Jasmit Singh

A new-gen writing style with slangs; with a long description that tries to be funny. It is typically embark of love story; nothing new other than the style of presentation which after a moment loses its charm. I would rate this 2/5.

  • Man Without Name- Doonger Singh Rathore

The introduction for this one after reading previous stories to it made me feel to skip it! The writing style can be improved for better. The thought it coins is good and this one can be marked 2/5.

  • Get Together- Sayan Dey

This one again I found a little more than necessary explanation about the protagonist. The theme again was nothing new still the idea of it is appreciated. This one could gain a 2/5.

  • I Still Love Her- Niharika Mishra

A more beautiful start off to the story would have been better; maybe some poetic lines! Writing style needs improvement; the way protagonist introduces is overly used way. Added sentiments in my view and a typical plot. This one would gain 2/5.


  • Karma – Ameya Agarwal

“I saw that” had said the Karma ……

  • Smoking Kills – Husna Advani

“He died because of you. I told him smoking kills”……

  • Lost and Regained – Vaidehi Sharma

“Don’t worry maa, I am here no.”……


Editor could have done much better, the style, the choice of words; the format could have been improved in the stories .Similar pattern of stories patterned together. First three stories deal with death back to back and last two have same way of introducing main character. Sequencing of story could have been based on its value factor.

Rating: 2.5/5     🙂 🙂 😐 😦 😦

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