With the cube in my hand,

Which I saw on the sand;

Had a different feel

Of an unknown land,

Curios I was to solve;

The colours of cube which puzzled

And the heart of mine too chiselled.

Round it turned,

With a curious mind which burned,

Around the bay I thought

With the mind I fought.

Making tricks I tried

But failed to solve,

the brick my heart cried.

In anger I threw it down

Breaking the cube I frowned.

In pieces it all were around;

An unknown tale just arose on the ground;

Astonishing me the colours

Fought their way aloud.

White that lay with peace;

The spell was spreading high;

This made the colours go dark

Like a mountain it grew,

Making me cry with fear.

The colours which I broke

Were the key to reach light.,

Out in the bay it was dark,

With the mountains still high.

A beam just flashed in,

Clearing the cube I had.

Rising me up from my dream land;

The light which broke the dawn;

I had the cube in my hand,

“saying the tale of my land”.