She was born in Kolkata. She was an unwelcomed guest, a product of lust. She had to pay the price. She was abducted and trafficked to Hyderabad. She spent nine years begging on the roadside. Destiny brought her back to Kolkata where she was sold off to a procuress in Sonargachi. She married Raghu and started leading a healthy life. However she attempted a suicide. She was Ketaki. Why was Ketaki abducted and trafficked? Where was her father and mother? Was Ketaki ever able to meet her real parents? Why did she attempt the suicide? Was it all destiny that brought her back to Kolkata or did The Almighty have something else in His holy mind? After all, Joys and Woes are always woven fine!!

Joys and Woes are woven fine chiefly portray the evils of our Indian society and showcase the struggle of a poor girl child. Sensitive issues like Child abduction and trafficking, prostitution and AIDS have been addressed at large.


Joys and Woes are Woven Fine is a fictional representation of life of a prostitute (inspired from real life) . The book efficiently explores different phases of her life; right from the root of her existence and how, in a way she gets back to where she started with lives of three women including the main lead.

It openly exhibit crude atrocities of mankind; objectifying women for physical pleasures, human trafficking, prostitution, rape …! Some described the book to be not for soft heart, but i would like to quote; truth hold a dirty face and running away from it is not a solution. This book is a reminder or a warning bell to be alert or know what is happening in the shadow of society, you are kept away from, with your pampered lives.

A glimpse of the book that is strong enough to strike your mind is :

” The ‘secretive’ part, commonly known as vagina is the place or part which not only determines a girl’s virginity but also sadly justifies her dignity and character ”

The efforts and risk taken by the author for the research behind the book is to appreciated. The language of the book can be improved.

I would like to recommend this book to all mature minds rather than shying away from truth; it will be an eye opener and she will surely touch your heart.

I would rate this book 4.25 / 5  🙂