Book review:


Heart of bullets reminds me of my defence childhood. The book basically showers lights on true friendship bonds in every situation of life with an unsung love story in it. Life of army personal aren’t pretty easy since the jawan’s stay away from home for 10 months. And will only go to home for the two months if the border and their mother land is at peace which you will surely find in the book.

The author has done a great job in writing this book. With emotions that will hold each and every one of you to stick to the book. There are allot of untold stories and this may be one of it. The book was found to be low in the middle but the interest in turning every page was never lost. The role of the Arpan is carried out well, glittering with the true faces of bonds that a friend promises till his death. And save his best friend from the mouth of death.

This is a journey of true adventure, love and sacrifice which men’s at border pay while they stay there guarding our motherland with no fear in their hearts. It’s not only the sacrifices that the jawan makes but also shows what their family have lost in this. Strong hearts pass on with time but weak souls just die with these brave heart.

Don’t let this book get out of your hand if your heart sings the songs of patriotism, love and never ending bond of friendship. 😀

I will rate this book a 4 star……………   😀 😉

Book blurb:-

‘The only way to get close to those glittering stars in heaven is, to look at a soldier with stars on his shoulders’ Every time, they’re around, the thing that we see is the bravery awards, medals, the pride, but what we can’t see is their heart that lies inside the iron chest, some untold stories, sacrifices, and the hardship they’ve been through. Every soldier has a story that is unique and extra ordinary. A tale of brotherhood & heroism, a tale of love & betrayal, ‘Heart of Bullets’, is about two best friends, Arpan & Sam, and the untold story of their friendship, untold story of their love, Shradha, but what happens when Sam gets hit by the enemy – across the border? What will Arpan do to save his friend? Will love prevail over friendship of lifetime? There is a decision to be made, is the life without love, and friends, better than dying to save the one we love the most?

About the author:-      

Nikhil Kushwaha, an engineer, poet and a novelist, has already entertained his readers in his first book Six Teen Mistakes. A Ranchi boy, schooling from Bishops School and Kendriya Vidyalaya, is a graduate from NIST Berhampur, as an electrical engineer. Being author by chance and a full time author now, he says that it is not necessary to have experience, degree or talent to be an author, but whats required, is a story, passion and some patience. Believing in realism, his novels are based on what he witnesses around the people he knows, the things he has experienced and a story he wants the world to tell.


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