14th February 2016
He never fancied Valentine Day craze nor she. They believed it to be an unwanted mockery where Deadpool movie plan seemed interesting for that Sunday.
After the fun time at movie, they were waiting out of the mall to get a conveyance to hit back home with no further ado’s as their budget is a tight one. That was when he approached them.
A boy of age around 10 with hand full of red heart balloons, probably all blown by himself was there requesting them to get the balloons. In between their hustle to get a cab he pleaded, ‘ Saabji lelo na … Bhoog lagi hai ‘.

She empathized with the boy and thought of getting the balloons for him and enquired the cost. The boy replied that its 10 rs per balloon and if taking all discount will be provided. She quickly took what she had in her pocket…. 20 rs…. out of their monthly allowance and looked into her man’s eyes.
She was expecting him to get the balloons of 20 rs for her as she knew their budget won’t allow them the whole lot of balloons and the cab back together but what he did touched her heart.
He gave the boy the money and asked him to keep it as a gift; no balloons required , as he could sell it to someone else and get money for it too.
But the boy surprised them both, he was not ready to take it for free. He took a not blown balloon from his pocket and gave it to them saying that they could use it at home.
She took it as she felt in spite of not favoring V day, that was the best V day gift she could get.
‘The young India is set to earn money themselves but not served free’ , they felt proud thinking about it.
She knew if she was not there, he might have tagged along with the boy talking to him maybe even helped him sell the balloons along and she wished the same too but he prefered to take his lady back home safe.
The red heart balloon warmed their hearts with pride and happiness ♥ A little thing it might be but convoys a greater deed.