Far from the cherished, I was happy at my bay;

days were not good but I felt at peace ;

the ring of darkness gave me power

and the immortal made me thrash ..

No one to care .. No feeling to express .

I was enjoying the bay

with the smile that says –

‘the pain of life will throb you no matter what ‘

clearing the rings it whispered to me

that the time has come to go and venture;

but to cherish, came like a dancer

leaving me twirl and bounce on the beats ;

love was there but I don’t need it…

Missing my darkness full of agony and smiles …..

My bay was yours baby ruined by me

and the life of your lord; destroyed by me !

My sins may not down but hell was fine

to live with a feeling of you tearing my heart

and making the bed ready to sleep forever…

But now I feel like being cherished

and joy have taken over my bay;

their ruling disturbed and thrashed me up

to light leaving me with a group,

which seemed hard to breathe!