She stood there on the end
Fearless, she moved
to the ocean of death
held from every end
Forcefully she was made to watch                                                                                                       the demise of her loved,
She was filled with fear
leaving their beauty
they were going far away………….

The chants were high
In the deep horizon the rays behaved                                                                                              As if the sun felt ashamed,
trying to hide himself from the day.
The pandit signalled
that it was time
for her to go
With her beloved
She was raised to go near
With their beauty left behind
She turned around
To see her little child
carrying a fearless mind
with small steps, ran towards her
“maa !!!!!!!! will you be back” ……………
Astonishing the crowd she spoke
Her first words were down her throught
Witnessing this, the elite lady rose
Fearless she was but tears showered through her eyes
She spoke her heart out
“ I may die today
But my power will never go down
We sacrifice for the greatest well being of
The Mother Earth
May this open thy eyes
Bringing energy to your soul”
The words pierced the men
But the lady went to sleep with her beloved
Leaving their beauty in the hands of angel
“The Mother Earth” .