Life is a supernova of emotions, a multi-colored extravaganza and a celebration of colors that carve a way for us to be “expressive”. These colors often vary from situation to situation. They may be vibrant, bright and attractive, or even bland and gloomy. Nevertheless, they invoke the soul from within and portray the various dimensions of life. Come and explore the various shades of life –  from the lighter tones of friendship and love to the murkier hues of revenge and murder – of human beings, of how their personalities and their situations mould them into their real selves – in this anthology of prose and verse, from authors across the world, Shades of Life.


This anthology coming up is special to me because it is adding a color to my life named “CAST OF HUES”; yes my contribution in this. Added happiness is that this is my hat-trick 😉 third publication of mine to be released.

Excluding these whats make it more special is its creative theme, what can make a writer more happy than to try something new with words and this one is such a happiness. You can see different expressions and interpretations on this theme from different authors across the globe in this single book which could please your tastes.

I hope my fellow readers will continue their support stronger in my voyage with Shades of Life.

Cast your Colors with a copy :