Today we have the celebrity writer … Olivier Lafont; author of WARRIOR , PURGATORY and SWEET REVENGE

  • olivierWhat is writing and acting for you?
    • For me acting and writing have always been different facets of storytelling, fundamentally tied to each other. When I write, I enact the story in my mind; and when I act, I structure the scene like I’m writing it.
  • Is the protagonist inspired from someone you know?
    • No
  • What do you enjoy the most as a writer?
    • One of the thrills of writing, for me, is the pioneering exploration/creation of a world and story no one knows yet. I’m the only one at the premiere, so to speak, before a worldwide release.



  • How was this plot brought about?
    • The genesis of ‘Warrior’ was a feature film script I wrote more than a decade ago, before I moved to Mumbai. I wanted to write a new kind of story for Indian cinema, which would blend the big special effects of a Hollywood summer blockbuster with Indian mythology and stories, and that’s how the idea came about.
  • If you can be the character in your story, who will it be and why?
    • Saam, the hero of ‘Warrior’, demigod son of Shiva. He’s the most exciting, most powerful character in the story, and he has deep moral depth. He carries the same dualities as his father, an inherent violence and non-violence.
  • You prefer to be known as a great actor or best-selling writer?
    • I prefer to be known as an artist who produces great work.
  • How was the transition from actor to author?
    • There was no transition, really, since I have been both for a very long time, and writing and acting are part of the same passion in me.
  • As a writer/actor what do you think your commitment to society is?
    • Whether through work or personally, I think everyone’s commitment to society should be to be an ethical, decent human being.
  • What are your upcoming ventures?
    • I have written several more books, and am in talks to find the right publisher for them. I have also written some feature film scripts with myself as an actor, and looking for the right producer to partner with. So writing and acting both.
  • What is your advice to budding writers or any special message to the readers?
    • I think writers operate very differently from each other, but the rule I go by is to write what I want, what I am interested in, what I am really drawn to. I wouldn’t want to write a ‘type of book’ just because it seems to sell.

As for readers of ‘Warrior’ — just have fun and enjoy the ride…

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