Today we have Anuj Kumar contributing author in LOVE and other enchantments and the founder of Kalamos Literary Services……..Anuj Kumar


  • What brought you into the field of words?
    • That was just an incident. An incident which gave my heart a little guilt and to overcome that guilt I chose to write. When I finally succeeded, I found writing interesting, so I continued it.


  • What is your approach to writing?
    • Writing, umm… I don’t have million friends to talk and share my problems, times when I can’t find anyone around I choose to write. So, it helps me to put out all the things hidden inside me.


  • What do you think is/are the disadvantage of being a writer/editor?
    • The path I have chosen is very tough, you can’t get success in the initial stages. So, this is a very bad point. In this industry, there are lots of writers who are successful but their works are really very bad, but just because of the number of sales they are called successful. I hate this as a writer. And one big disadvantage is that you can’t earn in the initial stages just through your works.


  • Do you rather prefer popularity or contentment with your works?
    • Well this is a tricky one. I am happy when someone praises or criticizes my works. So indirectly popularity will give me contentment.


  • Is there any back up plans if this field seems to not work out?
    • Yeah I have one, which will come out on my failure here.


  • What was your greatest difficulty in writing and how did you overcome it?
    • In my stories or poems what takes the most of my time is to write the correct plot I have in my mind, and I personally feel that plot is the most important thing in a book, or a story. Ideas don’t stay in my mind for long so whenever anything comes up I note it down, to use it later.

And I how overcome? I don’t know, I just know I kept on trying and automatically I overcame.


  • What are your upcoming ventures and what is your success mantra?
    • I have my company, Kalamos Literary Services. I started it with a friend. So far we have not decided any success mantra in particular but we try our best to get the best feedback from our client.


  • As a writer what do you think your commitment to society is?
    • I don’t write for society, I write for myself. Sometimes my writings come out for society but that doesn’t make me a writer who loves to write on social concepts.


  • What is your advice to budding writers or any special message to readers?
    • To budding writers, I can’t suggest in particular but I can just say that don’t back off if you fail to write something, just keep on trying until you succeed.

For readers, I can just express a big thanks, for reading our works.

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