Guess who we have today… its none other than … author of the eccentric story – Yama… Kevin Missal


  • What are trying to convey through YAMA?
    •  That anyone can be a hero.
  • Is the protagonist inspired from someone you know?
    •  My father partially.
  • What brought to you to the theme so eccentric of YAMA?
    •  Comics, graphic novels, Dexter, Death Note.
  • If you can be the character in your story, who will it be and why?
    •  I would like to be Yama because he’s trying to make a difference.
  • You would rather be an award winning author or a bestselling author? Share your reason.
    •  Bestselling author. What can I say? I love money and fame.
  • What was your greatest difficulty in writing and how did you overcome it?
    •  To find an original plot. I researched well to overcome it.
  • Your first book was published at the age of 14; how was the journey as a writer?
    •  Bad. Felt stupid to even write at the age of 14. Now I think about it, I should have listened to the people who said “You are too young to be a writer” because they know that when you are 14 you write crap. FYI, I wasn’t even a prodigy.
  • As a writer what do you think your commitment to society is?
    •  To provide entertainment and make more non-readers to read.
  • What is your advice to budding writers?
    •  Observe. Observe the people and situations around you. Note them down or keep it in your memory palace. You never know when you need it. Because research doesn’t start when you are plotting the book. Research starts when you begin your life. Everything around you, consider it as a part of research.
  • What are your upcoming treats for the readers?
    •  I have started this new venture known as “Litseries” where an episodic love story is posted. You can check it out on the page:
    • My next book will be released the latter half of this year. It’s titled “Mara”.
    • I have a short story in one of the anthologies that’s going to be published by Half Baked Beans.
    • I am working on a graphic novel of Indian fantasy scope.
    • I’m working on a short story for a friend’s anthology. I don’t know if I can reveal it or not but it deals with horror of its own tragic kind.

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