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Today in Meet the @uthor section we bring you the young and dynamic Shreyasi Rhittika, author of 18 via Teen-Be Yourself; a warm and motivating anthology dedicated to all teens out there…



• Why teenage is the choice of focus in the book?
o Teenage is about that phase of life where the foundation of future is established. Where changes occurs physiologically, physically and socially. So, I wanted to make everyone realize or you can say remember about the situation of different perspective with regard to certain circumstances we face through by putting altogether in the form of a book

• Rain plays a key role in the book, why?
o Rain has always been a important part in my life. People say it’s rain, I say it’s zephyr. Cool breeze kisses the forehead and assures that life is still beautiful. The downpour leaves a sense of fulfillment and a smile on the face. Its an epitome of a new beginning.

• What is the inspiration behind the book?
o Teenage life is not something that is just experienced by very few. Everybody has that uncertain phase of life where you explore yourself. So, with the concept of my book ’18 Via Teen – Be Yourself’, I wanted to make everyone experience and also remember his/her teenage.

• What do you enjoy the most as a writer?
o To pour down my emotions, feelings in the form of words.

• The stories are purely imaginary or real life incidents?
o The stories I’ve put are improvisational reality and some of them have the essence of being fictional.

• Which is your favorite book and why?
o From my latest reads, ‘The Hidden Letters by Purba Chakraborty ‘ is one of my favourite. I found the plot very interesting. It perfectly depicts the life of a woman’s journey .

• As a writer what do you think your commitment to society is?
o To write meaningful for the masses.

• What is your advice to budding writers or rather to teenagers?
o All the very best to the aspiring writers who want to take up writing seriously. You have to be serious about your vision. Writing quantity doesn’t make you a good storyteller but quality measures.
For the teens, Explore yourself. Be at your best without harming yourself or the society.

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Grab the book from – http://www.amazon.in/18-Via-Teen-Be-yourself/dp/9384180653