Story is about two friends, protagonist Kabir who is from India and Ali who is from Pakistan. Both spent their childhood days in Australia. After completing his higher secondary education from Australia, Kabir went to Europe for his further studies. After 10 years Kabir is a secret service agent of Indian Government and Ali is an international most wanted terrorist. Now the book is about why and how Kabir will save his friend who is terrorist now.


If you are a great fan of Bollywood Masala , this is the book for you! The story seems to be in typical bollywood shtyle… Two best friends from childhood turning out to be in opposite shade of life,  You will find Kabir, a secret service agent of Indian Government on a secret mission which ONLY his boss knows, A con man who cons only NRIs, conning them like its a piece of cake; Villains are not supposed to grow brains, eh!? or maybe the conning skills are too damn good; in either ways it was indeed interesting.

It puts light on the topics like terrorism , social differences , ZIONISM ( new to me and i appreciate it ) and considerable reasons to it. I really liked the quote coined as favorite of kabir –  ” Set priorities, have patience, add passion and aim for perfection “

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Even though i say its bollywood style there is no sexy heroine in it for the hero to just romance around but the whole focus is on the plot and concept it follows, which i found good about it. There are few bumps in the language , framing of the sentences but it is negligible i guess. The plot is in a way predictable as its blurb or about the book is too revealing.

I would rate this book 3.5 , for it stands out from the common book trends and have done a good job which is to appreciated.

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