About the book –

Power Is You is not just a book but a Thought to transform lives, A Thought to change the world, A Thought to inspire the community and A Thought to make everyone realise their true potential. Every chapter of the book holds reflections of our own lives, every word is meant to make you realise how special you are to the world. It states how the power of I can, I Will can transform your life, does not matter which part of the nation or which country you belong from but you all have one mantra in common “Self Belief”. Realise your Belief quotient, Realise you are born to achieve Excellence. The moment you realise, You start your first Step towards Excellence. Power Is You – Step Towards Excellence.

Book Review-

Power is You is a self help motivational book which will teach you to ignite the power within. I found it out of Indian writing trends, a non fictional book with each line will wake confidence and positivity in you.

With 59 chapters the books leads you to fill the blank yourself ; The Power is ______.

It started with what power is co relating it with YOU , yourself , the Shakti ; further each chapter moving on with life aspects from fear, friends , happiness, unhappiness , smile, emotions, truth and so on to how it can be faced or considered positively.

The language, examples , simple explanations  , small advises are very effective and truly motivational. Indeed i would state it that it indeed holds an international standard and Hats Off to the writer.

Each chapter stand alone is a gem and they are framed well too but in this fast forward era it is quite lengthy and  the factors to make the reader stuck to it is a weak as some of the advise or content is not new or unheard.

I would rate this book 4.25/5 for its effort and brilliance. 🙂

About the Author-

Arunabha Bhattacharjee is a Banker by Profession, Writer by
Passion and a Trainer by Choice. Aged 25 years He is Born and
brought up in Silchar, Assam. Having completed his schooling
from Silchar Collegiate School and Gurucharan college, Silchar,
Arunabha pursed his dream of studying computer application and
thereby completed his Bachelors from West Bengal University Of
Arunabha’s passion for uplifment of community had lead him to
form a movement during his academic days where he himself
trained more than 20000 students on motivation, inspiration across
different colleges nationwide making him a young Motivational
Speaker by 23. He enjoys reading the work done by Swami
Vivekananda and potrays Swamiji as one of the role model of his.
You can contact the author at arunava777@gmail.com or visit

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