Assume: your academic records to be…. Sr. Secondary- Excellent! IIT Graduate- Great! MBA- Superb! Eventually………the day arrives which would give you a lucky chance that can make all your dreams come true.You sleep comfortably with those amazing notions. The very next day when your eyes open… realize, destiny has taken you too far from your love and life……. How would you react when all your hard works raze, your dreams annihilate and life is ruined, just because of your worldliness? How would you feel when your goodness becomes your evil…….? Sometimes, life has a different story than one’s plans…… Welcome to “Chance – A tale of Love, Luck & Life “; the story of Samar, who plans a beautiful life with his love Subhanshree. He endeavours for a bright future as he wants to marry her. Finally, he gets a chance to make his dreams come true. Oh…! His luck startle unforeseen. He has to choose between love and life. Now, it’s easy to die but hard to live…… What will happen to his career, love and life? Will he get a chance again, to procure all the happiness back to his life? Anupam Pravakar details an enthralling story about love, luck and life in this so-called liberal world.


Book review:- 

Chance by Anupam Pravakar is just a masala of daily life. This book is about a person Samar who from a btech engineer, a MBA dropout, an intense lover, and founder of an NGO   turns his life into politics. In this path he meets his love of the life a crazy mad girl who was just fond of him, Subhanshree was his classmate when he was perusing his MBA from Delhi University. Politics in my site is a dirty marsh land one who enters will never return back to his normal life. Likewise Samar was also kept away from this dirty land by his parents but as you say the things written in the destiny never changes. He never wanted to enter this land but his eyes were opened by his friend raj that you complain about the situation of the nation and when you get a chance to just run away from it.This made him fill his candidature for MLA of Kanpur. And there came destiny favouring him and letting him win for his social works he was doing from his NGO.

The writing style of the author is very impressive the use of Hindi phrases was well carried by the author in the book. There is an incomplete love story which is just left in the end just accepting one more part of this book. The cover of the book is a great work by the designer. Readers don’t miss this book filled with masala of life  😀

We would rate this book as 4/5

About the Author :

With the grace of god and unswerving direction of parents, ANUPAM PRAVAKAR shaped his life. After doing graduation from JP University and acquiring corporate exposure during his education in ICSI, New Delhi, he embellished himself under the supervision of his mentor, Shri K.Siddhatha (a renowned Earth Scientist, author, trainer, consultant, counsellor and educationist).

Anupam Pravakar is not only limited to corporate life but also he casted a social man in him. He serves with many NGOs for the upliftment of those who left somewhere in this fast growing ‘Global Society’. He is a thinker, visionary and motivator. He is a well-versed writer too, of his generation. Besides Print media, he is also an active member of online literary sites.

Whether Swami Vivekanand Ji influences him, on the other Mahatma Gandhi Ji is his inspiration. His motivational source is-

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do that even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

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