We are proud to have Uttam Kumar , a Human Being is what he like to be known ….to share his valuable words with us … and trust me his advice to budding writers is a gem 🙂uttamWhat inspires you to writing?

  • The world round. I look at people around me as Humans and their sufferings prompt me to write. Even my first book “First Job and 10 Mistakes” is inspired by real life incidents around me which prompted me to write for the people joining a Job, so that they don’t get trapped in similar webs.
  • What brought you into NGO working?
    • Same thing that inspired me to write, brought me to my NGO “Straight From Heart”. I have firm belief that if you send a Child to school upto Std 10, then whatever his/her performance in school, Child will be able to live a better life as compared to someone who has not gone to School. That’s the basic reason we support education of children.

Also personally I am a staunch supporter of RTE and Mid day meal. These                          schemes, despite their shortcomings, have been able to bring children to                         School. Mark my words, you will see the impact in coming 3-4 years when                          the first generation who joined under RTE will join workforce.

  • Will you rather choose to be known for your social works or writing?
    • I will love to be known as a Human Being.
  • What do you enjoy the most as a writer/editor?
    • As a writer I enjoy to live the stories I am writing. Whatever I write, I live that, I feel that. As an editor, I enjoy adding value to the Author’s work.
  • What is the main motto you follow in life?
    • My motto is simple: I was born a Human, I want to live as a Human and I want to die a Human. When I see around, the Human breed is even more under danger than Tigers!
  • If you can be the character in a story, who will it be and why?
    • Till now, I have not given it a thought and frankly I have not come across any character which I dreamt of living.
  • What was your greatest difficulty in writing and how did you overcome it?
    • The greatest difficulty is my Schedule. Finding time out of my Business, NGO and Social life is really a big hurdle. But then I choose to write early morning or late night.
  • Which is your favorite book and why?
    • “My Experiments with Truth” by M.K. Gandhi. This is Geeta of my life. Whenever I have any doubt, I refer to this book. I request all your followers/readers to read this book atleast once in their life.
  • As a writer what do you think your commitment to society is?
    • My commitment to myself is to change atleast one Life during my lifetime.
  • What is your advice to budding writers?
    • Treat your manuscript as your newborn baby and don’t hand it over to any Publisher who does not understand your expectation from it. There are 100s of publishers and marketing professionals in market. Their motive is to just to make few bucks from you and then move to next person. For them your writing is just a tool to make some quick bucks for them. They are like those goons who will force your child to beg so that they make some money. I am sure that’s not what you dream of for your child. So treat your manuscript also in same way. Do a thorough background check of publisher, what books he/she has published, what network he has. Read few of his published books to understand the quality of his work.

At the same time, if you just want to add numbers to your bio, then go and choose any Publisher, then it does not make a difference.

At the end I will like to thank Anmol ji and Team Arudha for this wonderful opportunity and my best wishes to Team Arudha and my prayers are there for your growth and Success.