Inspired from a real life incident,the story will take you on a trip of immature, innocent love and pain,emphasizing on a true friendship. Aditya,a nerd who keeps no interest in being in a relationship,once falls in love with a girl named Rutuja,who is a modern type of girl. Everything between the two seems to be good until the things get nasty and Aditya decides to attempt suicide. Will Aditya give away his life or has destiny written something different for him?


As the blurb suggests the book is based on real life where the author casts shadow on the an immature love story ; where with the strength of friendship he faces its every shade well and evolve as a strong heart .

Its a story most could relate kind of a next door story ; there is friendship, love , college life, confusions, betrayal, juggling relations, the phases of youth or teen life.

The name as the language considered is message language and it was on OFF point for me. The book is in simple English.  There are slight errors with regard yo spelling and grammar but i think those can be ignored.

The book indeed showcases some thoughts…

‘Relationships are like a book,
It takes few seconds to burn,
It takes years to write
– So write it carefully
Never let it burn!’

I would rate this 3.25/5 and best wishes to the author for his upcoming ventures 🙂

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He is a M.B.B.S student and has keen interest in literature. His first novel ‘U n Me….It’s Complicated!!!’ has been released and is receiving positive reviews. The story being inspired from real life incidences, the author tries to bring certain changes in the mind-sets of the youths. Being 18 yrs old, he finds it easy to express the emotions of the youths and the reason behind their frequent mood swings.
He is currently working on his second novel, which will emphasize on a leading social cause.
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