About The Book:

Poems on the hard-hitting facets of life, depicting with ease the agony and pain a man goes through in life. Sometimes it is the feeling of anguish and euphoria of love. The perplexities faced, the agony, and anguish of a man.

It is a collection of 60 poems that could embrace your soul from Arun M Sivakrishna…

Book Review:

I always find poems and paintings co related , a poet and an artist to be similar both in a way with each stroke , each word express a deeper meaning that take a different shade depending on the eye and mind that perceive it .

With Songs of a Solitary Tree: Graphical Verses of Sublime Snippets by Arun M Sivakrishna brings you 60 poems that effortlessly links to your thoughts. Each poem stand alone as an elegant beauty; they are so close to real life like the poet actually captured the scenarios of day to day life with his power of words into these poems.

My favorite lines are…

Time, for sure
Is changing fast
Ebbing away that
Faint scent of milk
Off a dried out bust.
Islands drift,
Crying inside
A dying strain of a
Lullaby somewhere..   From ‘Marooned Island amidst an Ocean Of Rabbles’

They are simply brilliant. It focuses more on its connection to today’s life than the poetic literature, i felt. A few poems are too in depth that some felt to be light relatively; its a mix of everything .

I would rate this master piece 4/5 😀  and recommend it to all poetry lovers and souls who like to feed their mind with thoughts of life.

About The Author:

Arun M Sivakrishna, a person of multiple interest, a management professional, when not selling trucks, keeps himself thoroughly engaged in varied interest from cricket to motor sports, photography and travel. A writer with a natural flair often comes out with hard hitting verses with a lot of depth on severance, pain and agony; based on realities of life. Lives in Mangalore.

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Amazon – http://www.amazon.in/Songs-Solitary-Tree-Graphical-Snippets/dp/1482838532

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24352112-songs-of-a-solitary-tree