Here today we have an author who would like to take his chances to create a change … Anupam Pravakar ; author of Chance


What is your major field of interests?

  • Major Field of interests? (with a smile). The truth about me is that whatever I do, do only if I am interested. I do from heart. And as a writer I try to write which not only entertain the readers but equip them with noble thoughts.

What made you to choose this plot as your first novel?

  • Nowadays we are somewhere cut-out of what we actually are. We complete our studies and start growing ourselves with our career leaving our society, as we have no any responsibility for it. But, when we find any evil and hatred thing are happened, we just comment irrelevant like ‘yha na kucch bhi nhi badalnewala…etc’. And a day, after reading headlines in the newspaper,when I was breaking out my temper, someone said to me to not only show your anger but take actions. And this nice plot came as a result. Thanks to that person (Ms. Rajani Kumari) for given me this lucky ‘CHANCE’. (Thanks dear)

What do you think- books like these will change our society?

  • Truly saying – stories cannot change society. It totally depends upon us that what and how we react. Because, a story or a book can just make anyone in senses, give him / her ideas. Now it is up to us what do we want – ‘be a story or a hero?’                           In a scene from the novel “Samar went to the rally”, what would have been your approach in real life if it would have been you?       Describing the scene, Samar has an important work, but instead of this, he goes to rally. As he says, ‘what will our future be; if today, our country is doomed?’ Sometimes I too fill very bad that what will be happen to our country. My approach would be same as Samar’s .

I too participated in ‘Lokpal Bill Andolan’ and recently, I passed a day in jail during ‘against CSAT movement’ by UPSC students. So I am aware of these all activities.

Who is your favourite character in the novel and why?

  • No doubt, Samar takes all the credit in the story. But as per me it’s Subhanshree who makes him a hero. She is a snappy and sweet girl. She makes Samar aware about his responsibilities towards society. And, the most important thing when she meets Samar after so long gap, she has no any complains to him (that is really like 8th wonder of world.)…(Smiles)

What was the main motive behind writing “Chance”?

  • ‘CHANCE’…..(with smile). This is a word for which world is looking. Everyone needs a chance. But the sad thing is that only lucky ones may get it. I scribbled this with my dreams of better India. As our country too is looking for a chance, a chance – to be again ‘ sone ki chidiya’.

How was your journey from starting of this book to getting it published?

  • There is so much I didn’t know and am still figuring out. To write a book and get it publish, a long journey!. I had completed my manuscript two years ago; sent it to many of ‘branded’ publications but oh! their rules-regulations, their priorities, their time-lags, totally out of assumptions. But in whole, it was a happy journey and I thanks to Blue Rose Publishers to present my story to the world.

What are your upcoming ventures?

  • Ya, I have started to write again. It is a bit of departure from CHANCE and quite different in style but I’m keeping it a closely guarded secret for now…….

As a writer, what do you think your commitment to society is?

  • Well! I think a writer has an influence on society. For me, society is my first priority. Because human are social animals and to be a social in real, you have to do more than being available on social sites.

What would you advice to budding writers, any special message to readers?

  • Life is all about taking right chance in a right way and make it a right choice. It’s an enthralling game of chance and choice. One is a man of manifold choices but there’s only a chance to make his choice—a right choice. So shun your fear of what would happen next. Let’s take a chance. For writers I just want to say- do write from heart, write to not only entertain but also write to endow humanity. And for readers- be a hero, not a story, your chance is coming.

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