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“Hues of Modern Love” is a story that attempts to explain the difference between the actual meaning of Love and the one that is being interpreted these days. Love is not restricted to physical intimacy but it is also a sublime connection with the soul of the other person. The plot revolves around three people, who become friends during a journey. Their conversation takes a different turn and they disclose secrets that had been buried in their past.


The story focuses on three characters Cheery, Zoiba and Joy who meet up in a journey together. As friendship blooms among them their conversation side tracks to their inner secrets and stories of their love and life which leads to realizations and  thoughts.

The family drama in the beginning, friendship between Cheery and Joy was interesting. It presents you the love stories of the leads that indeed shows the shades of modern love and gives the meaning of love on relative thoughts.

It is in total filmy style with full on drama and masala. The writing style, grammar and editing needs improvement. The author’s note at the end is impressive with the poem and thoughts :)

I would rate this 3.25/5 and would like to suggest it to all bollywood lovers.

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