Smart, sexy and confident, Malvika Chauhan lives an enviably perfect life in Mumbai. She has a flourishing career, a loving boyfriend and a promising future. Spiteful, fearless and mysterious, Margrita lives on the extreme ends. Self-merriment is the only thing that matters to her. Destiny plays wicked and brings the two women face to face with each other. While Malvika knows nothing about Margrita, Margrita is well-aware of the hidden secrets of Malvika’s past. Malvika’s life turns sour as she struggles against the insufferable circumstances inflicted upon her by Margrita. It’s a situation she cannot escape. If the hidden secrets get disclosed, Malvika will be finished. She will lose every precious thing she has… her career, her prestige, her love… ‘Scarlet Nights’ is a haunting tale of the unfathomable depths inside the human psyche.

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“Scarlet Nights”, the enthralling psycho thriller from Mayur Patel, showcases the complexities of human mind. The story revolves around a girl named Malvika who is leading a cheerful life with successful professional and personal fronts. But can things be perfect? Or is it all an illusion; well you guessed right! She carries the burden of her dark past; struggling and fighting for making their ends meet … and adding to it there is Margrita, an unknown stranger, who knows her dark secrets in and out; a threat to her so-called perfect life! What mysteries these characters unfold and twists created in the track is for the readers to follow with the journey with Scarlet Nights. In the depths of darkness you never know what can happen, right?!
The author effortlessly takes you to travel with Malvika and Margrita, their emotions and shades keeping the suspense intact. With each turning page the thirst to go on… sure… will increase. Each character is sketched very well. The writing style is very impressive that adds to the beauty of the book.
But the story could have been much better if there was something more; something new to it; may be a little more promising plot line as I felt this one a little hollow! All in all, this is a must read for those who love to get thrilled or those who love to feed their minds with creative imaginations.:D
We will rate this as 4/5 .

About The Author-

Mayur Patel has studied Civil Engineering. He has worked as a civil engineer and an Interior Designer. He was a part of an orchestra as a singer some years back. At present he works in a Newspaper as a sub-editor.
His first book ‘Vivek and I’ was a work of romance and was published by Penguin Books India. He writes Novels, Short Stories and Columns in Gujarati, too.
Besides writing, he enjoys a wide variety of activities like reading, gardening, singing, watching movies and playing badminton. Travelling is an addiction which enables him to bring life to his writing.
The author lives in Valsad, India with his family. He can be contacted at

‘Scarlet Nights’ will enthrall you with its shades with each page.
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