And today we have an enthusiastic worm 😉 … a passionate writer … Mayur Patel who amazed the readers with his psycho thriller … Scarlet Nights…

meet the author

  • How will you describe yourself?
    • I am a very passionate person. Whatever I do, I do with my utmost passion, be it writing, traveling or any other activity. Coming from a middle-class Indian family, I value small things in life. Even a cup of tea, a gush of cold breeze or an idea of traveling can perk me up. In all, I can say that I am an enthusiastic worm. Bring me something I haven’t done in life and I will be ready to take the challenge. That’s what keeps me going in my life. I enjoy every bit of life.

Besides Reading and Writing, I like gardening, cooking, watching movies and playing badminton, but the thing I love the most is traveling, because it enables me to explore a better person and writer within me.

  • How did you conceive this plot?
    • I had started to write a Gujarati novel which also was a psychological thriller. I had finished some six chapters when I hit upon a better idea, which later resulted into ‘Scarlet Nights’. Since the new idea was stronger than the original, I dropped that novel and started to work on ‘Scarlet Nights’. I wish to finish that original story someday.
  • Any message to the society which you intend to share through this book?
    • Well, ‘Scarlet Nights’ holds a strong message. Discussing that message would give away the suspense of the story so we better let the readers find out what it is. I’m sure they will.
  • In the book “Scarlet Nights” which character would you love to take up in your real life and why?
    • There is a character of ‘Margarita Christian’ who I would like to meet in real life. It’d be fun to have a date with such a bold, fierce, nasty and enigmatic woman. I wish someone invents a machine which brings the fictitious characters into reality and allows the writer meet them.
  • Who is your favorite character in any movie/drama/story/life and why?
    • There are many actually. I have always loved characters with grey shades and ‘Igor’ from Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Winner Stands Alone’ is on the top of the list. Such a powerful and determined man he is! What I like the most about him is that he sets out for murders and that too with such passion! The character Roberto Benigni played in the movie ‘Life is Beautiful’ is also very close to my heart. That character inspires me to maintain positivity even in the direst situation in my life. In real life, it is Mr. M.K.Gandhi who I believe has lived an Ideal life in modern times. He had chosen difficult paths—truth and nonviolence—and followed them till his last breath for humanity. Such an incredible life he has lived!
  • What motivated you to write “Scarlet Nights”?
    • I have always loved Mysterious stories. ‘Mystery’ is an element which has fascinated me since my childhood. 3 books out of 5 that I read deal with mysteries. So I can say that I always wanted to write a mystery. But I didn’t want to go with the typical whodunit murder mystery. I was in search of a subject where I get a chance to treat the emotional aspect. I hit upon this idea of writing a psychological thriller ‘Scarlet Nights’ which is a nice blend of mystery, thrills and emotions.
  • How was your journey from starting of this book to getting it published?
    • It’s been a long journey. The book was rejected by some publishers for the boldness it holds. Then I took service of Suhail Mathur who worked as my agent and found me a good deal with Half Baked Beans. The editing process was long and educative. We trimmed the story, re-wrote some portions and came up with the crispest possible version.
  • What are your upcoming ventures?
    • My next novel is a Gujarati novel ‘TarpanYatra’ which is the first ‘Travel Novel’ written in Gujarati. It will be released soon.

In English, I am writing an Epic Fantasy Saga which is a mixture of Fantasy, Indian Mythology and Science Fiction. Loaded with action, it’ll have interesting subplots and a lot of characters.

  • As a writer what do you think your commitment to society is?
    • No matter which genre a writer writes in, he must be watchful that his writing doesn’t hurt peoples’ sentiments unnecessarily. Considering the posibility that a large part of the society will read his writing, he should have a positive lookout in the subject he comes up with. Both my novels ‘Vivek and I’ and ‘Scarlet Nights’ have been written with commercial purpose. However, they have got strong messages hidden within the plot. It’s great if a writer can weave a social issue in his tale. Even if one person has read the message in your novel clear, the purpose of writing gets fulfilled. That’s what a writer’s commitment towards the society. Without giving out his name, let me tell you that after the release of ‘Vivek and I’, I had received a mail from a reader who had written that my book had saved his life. Failed in love, that guy was about to commit a suicide. He had confessed that my book had infused in him positivity, because of what he had gotten rid of suicidal thoughts. Isn’t it great to know something like that? I think, saving someone’s life is the ultimate thing a book can do! That was the best fan-mail I have ever received, and I still cherish that moment.
  • What makes a writer successful?
    • A writer must have some basic attributes, of which ‘being ready for hard work’ is the first and the foremost one. Writing a full-length novel can be a frustrating, exhausting process so a fiction writer must have qualities such as ‘patience’ and ‘perseverance’. Fostering these traits will take a writer closer to finishing a book. Success is a different matter. It requires many others pieces to fall in place, such as, selection of subject, writing style, an error-free product, a visionary publisher and right amount of promotion. In today’s ‘cutthroat’ literary world, only writing a good book won’t bring you the desired success. A writer must participate in the promotional activities.
  • What is your advice to budding writers or any special message to readers?

Advices for the writers can be endless. Have a look at a few: Research of the subject you write about is very important. We live in a technologically advanced world where anyone can check the truthfulness of the informations you give in your writing, so whatever you write must be true. One can write anything while writing a fantasy but other genres of fiction must have facts. For example, ‘Scarlet Nights’ deals with psychological phantoms, which have got a certain scientific base. If I narrate something which is not true regarding it, a reader will catch it and reject my book for this reason. No matter how good your story is, it must deal with necessary facts. Then, loving your subject is important. If you don’t love it, leave it. You’ll come up with a convincing, appealing story only when you love your story. Keep your characters close to reality. They must behave the way we do in daily life. A lot of writers seem so much influenced with bollywood movies. Remember that cinema and literature are two different medium. Don’t let the characters of your book talk in filmy language. It won’t impress the readers. Gone are the days when word count didn’t matter much. Today, you’ll have to be watchful of the length of your book. A 50 to 70K book is the best. Keeping it short would keep the selling price low which will result in better sales. Message to the readers: buy original books, not pirated. Support aspiring authors. And read at least one book in a month. Someday you too would start writing your own book.

‘Scarlet Nights’ is a haunting tale of the unfathomable depths inside the human psyche.

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