From History to Chance
A Literary Thriller
Ahsen and his half-sister Najma grow up at their farm in Depalpur, Pakistan, as siblings, sharing a mother, loving their reconditioned family. Najma’s world is clean and calm, and with her cousin turned lover and husband, she has settled in USA and is happy with her life, while Ahsen is battling with the memory of a double murder which, except for him, is a mystery to everyone. Can he tell his sweet half-sister what haunts him? After a terrible incident in Lahore, he is gathering the scattered parts of his history, silently. He is caught in a situation where lying appears to be an act of virtue. Though he is lying and has been lying to everyone, he isn’t a liar. His life is as complex and layered as this world.
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About The Author
Jamaluddin Jamali is a journalist based in Lahore, Pakistan, currently serving a news channel, City42, as a reporter. He has worked in the past with three English newspapers including The Nation and Pakistan Today.

‘From History to Chance’ is his debut novel. Set in Lahore and a village in Depalpur, it shows the life in Pakistan through the story of a boy, his lovely second mother and her sweet daughter. The book is available on Amazon.