Today we have a master mind … Arvind Narsima , author of The Investigator Series… the creator of ARYA! IMG-20160613-WA0003

  • “The protagonist, Arya is a handsome, charismatic, compassionate, witty, shrewd and a daring Police officer who loves the law but bends rules to adhere.”; Do you agree upon this character sketch especially can you explain the part – “loves the law but bends rules to adhere “?
    • Absolutely! We have always seen and often heard about strict, honest cops in reality and on silver screens, who go around carrying their gloomy past with a sad attire as if the whole concept of being straight forward and honest was suffocating them. I needed a person who would love being honest and yet not flaunty about that. I wanted an animated personality rather a bored routine perception of the attitude in question. ARYA is one such amazing creation. With an extra ordinary IQ, charisma, braveness and a quick wit, he creeps under your skin in no time. You start visualizing yourself in his shoes once you get introduced to him in the book. He is an ardent follower of the criminal laws but when it comes to uphold the same he doesn’t go by the books. If arresting a white collar criminal requires multiple protocols, he overlooks the rules, takes complete responsibility of situations and gets them arrested in no time. That way, manipulation of witnesses, buying the authorities and slipping through viable holes in the system everything get nullified. There are many instances in the book that justifies his actions.
  • How did you conceive this plot?
    • Many incidents in my book are real. I’ve contrived the plot bringing all those in one single recipe. Actually apart from the main story line there are two other cases where ARYA’s almost super natural and implausible expertise in solving dormant cases is elaborated. They are beautifully perceived. So many readers have liked them. Both cases could very well have been two separate books. The main stream has two parallel stories moving along, one depicting ARYA, what he has left behind in Mumbai/Delhi and the other one about Abinaya, the negative lady protagonist. Shivani Verma, the lady cop, is, of course, very special and has become a darling among my readers.
  • Any message to the society which you intend to share through this book?
    • Harmless dreams and insatiate aspirations could be fatal when undulating greed takes over. Happy families could be devastated because of infidelities and illegitimate affairs. Ultimately children suffer the repercussions. Ego shatters the peaceful co-existence and happiness. Finally revenge could make you a convicted felon.
  • What was your inspiration behind the character – Arya?
    • A fine characterization of the protagonist, Patrick Jane, in an investigation TV serial called “the Mentalist’. It was played by the US actor, Simon Baker. I loved the ‘Jane’ part so much that I wanted to have an Indian version of him. Although there are no resemblances, ARYA is in no way inferior to Jane. Everyone has liked ARYA. A Bangaluru doctor, in fact, loves ARYA, saying that he lived the part throughout the book while reading.
  • Who is your favorite character in any movie/drama/story/life and why?
    • I’ve always watched police stories with fervent interest. I’ve fancied myself like one of them. Of all cop characters on silver screen, I liked ‘Raghavan’ played by Kamal Hasan and ‘Vaijayanthi’ played by Vijay Shanthi. In real life, my respects are due for Kiran Bedi and Merin Joseph.
  • What is your view on Indian Literature?
    • Our younger generation is much competent to the face of the world as they have taken our literary quests to a different level, thrashing the earlier insipid situation through self publishing traits, revolutionizing whatever sluggish pace that existed. A completely stupefying new platform has been created. Young writers have broken the ice and come out very strong, expressing their views and dreams in a much open manner. It’s a welcome sign, a dawn of new era in Indian Literature.
  • How was your journey from starting of this book to getting it published?
    • It was almost a 3 years of dreadful expedition. Actually ‘Arya- a new beginning’ was supposed to be the 2nd But it has come out first. The next part ‘The Aravan Head’ deals about ARYA in a very different angle. He’s not just an investigator but a ruthless law enforcement officer who thwarts the illegal activities of criminals and politicians in Mumbai and Delhi. I found very less time during the writing process. My wife was 8 months pregnant when I started this series. Later on, my mother was a great help as she assisted in taking care of my wife and new born daughter. I used to sleep for just 2 hours. Usually my working time started after 1 am till 3 am and I got up at 5 in the mornings. It took me 6 months to choose a publisher. Notion Press has been amazing since then. And rest is, of course, history.
  • What are your upcoming ventures?
    • The Aravan Head’ which obviously is sequel to my first book, is almost ready. It might hit the racks by late November. And the first part of a religious thriller ‘The Devil’s Ultimatum’ is under editing process. I’m planning to have it published in US once the final jobs are done with. Apart from these two, an extensive research is underway for another book which will be my all time favorite and close to my heart. I’ll hold back any details on that, as of now, because I want it to be a surprise to my readers.
  • As a writer what do you think your commitment to society is?
    • A writer watches and conceives the society in the perspective of the characters in his books. He looks through every one’s angle. My characters, either the good ones or the bad ones, are always strong willed, confident and those who stand up strong to a situation. I believe in secularism and humanity. My books say about that and about the ways that needn’t be taken to achieve any ambitions.
  • What makes a writer successful?
    • Today various factors attribute to the success of a writer, comments on which I wish to reserve. But according to my unperturbed opinion, good books make you a successful writer. Dexterous command of the language, lucid flow of the plot, proficiency in conceptualizing of characters and the unique way of storytelling are the real essence for a good book. Among millions of stars out there in the sky, after all we watch only a few constellations, since ages. Good books and good writers stay long.
  • What is your advice to budding writers or any special message to readers?
    • To writers – write good books …. To readers – read good books

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