Today we have a kind heart… Paras Binnie… author of Hues Of Modern Love who through this book is trying to express what LOVE is!WhatsApp-Image-20160619

  • What is your major field of interest?
    • Thanks a tone for putting this question at very first in this interview. I have passion of writing, giving guidance to those who are searching for the right path and at last supporting environment by planting saplings.
  • What was the main motive behind writing “Hues Of Modern Love”?
    • There is a catch here. My major reason of writing this book was to show teenagers what exactly love is because I personally believe that teenagers are more inclined towards intimacy, lust and intercourse and they termed it as a love.
  • What is your view on the thought – “The concept of love changed over time”?
    • The directions of love and then the concept as well, everything changes… starting from the age when a child loves his toys to the age when he loves his kids, car, bungalow and everything. The concept of love changes with time. I accept that.
  • What is friendship and love for you?
    • When you can share your crush, love and deepest secrets with anyone, that’s friendship but when you feel like sharing whole world with your partner, then it’s love.
  • Who is your favourite character in the novel and why?
    • Neha…. she is my favourite character, while portraying her in lines, I could easily feel my love for her. I was going weak on knees while writing her. If fictions could be real, I might marry her.
  • What will you prefer to be – Bestseller author or Award winner?
    • I am far away from both of these titles right now but these days I am thinking that my baby (book) should get a fair deal and those published books be sold quickly. I will be happy to get some good readers for this book as I think I spent my entire life in weaving the story.                                                                                 sum short, my vote will go to bestselling author.
  • How was your journey from starting of this book to getting it published?
    • Patience is the shortest word which can explain it in a better way. Waiting for five years was a long time, searching editors and then a good publishing house was also a tedious task but somehow I manage but then again if someone will ask me to tell what exactly happened and how you manage, believe me I could narrate three page short story to him.
  • What are your upcoming ventures?
    • I completed sixteen short stories and then I heard it on social media that short stories doesn’t have good readers market. Overcoming this myth, I am planning to come out with next book as a short story book.
  • As a writer what do you think your commitment to society is?
    • I think I have so many responsibilities regarding society. (hahaha) and its better to act and do it instead of telling it.
  • What is your advice to budding writers or any special message to readers?
    • Though I am a struggling writer myself (one should not have problem while accepting a fact) I personally believe that if someone really wants to be a writer, he should intrude his entire life in it; success guaranteed.                                             To readers, my advice is “If you love reading a book, go ahead, life is waiting for you”

It was really wonderful to answer all the above questions.

Thank you so very much