Today we would like to present a writer who loves simplicity; who finds happiness in the mundane … Shilpi Chaklanobis, author of 15 heart touching tales- anthology PANORAMA636025457626509393 What is writing for you?
o Writing is my way to interact with the world and a medium of creating something unique and special. It gives me a platform to express my views; be it in the form of stories, articles or blogs. It also feels great when someone enjoys your creation and appreciates your work.

• What motivated you to come up with “Panorama”?
o I always believe in enjoying the small moments of life instead of waiting for any big occasion to be happy. There are so many things happening around us which go unnoticed. I have always been fascinated by such moments of life that can be enjoyed to live life to fullest and this is what motivated me to pen down such moments into stories.

• What is your view on the concept of “Grey Characters”?
o I believe everyone has shades of grey and there is no character that can be categorised as white of black in real life. And thus I feel, grey characters embody real people more closely.

• What is friendship and love for you?
o Friendship and love are two sides of the same coin for me. I think love has the power to transform people. As readers and writers, we often forget to regard love as anything other than romantic love. But, I feel that other facets of love are just as important.

• Which is your favourite character and story in the book and why?
o All the stories and characters are very dear to me as all of them are my creation. However, if you ask me for only one story and character then I would say “Peanut”. It is a little closer to my heart as it is a real story and I have seen him and experienced his love for me and my family.

What challenge did you face in writing and how did you overcome it?
o Many of my stories are inspired by real life incidents & characters and for me it was a big challenge to mould them into tales that can hold the interest of the reader and at the same time do not lose connection with reality.

• How was your journey from starting of this book to getting it published?
o The journey was not very easy but I must say it was very enriching one. After release of the book, I am now a different person and writing this book has given me a different perspective on life. It needed a lot of patience and perseverance to bring the book to fruitation. Spending hours, writing and working with the editors after a full day at work is not easy. But to bring your idea in front of the world, you need to invest a lot of time and energy and I am happy that the book has struck a chord with the readers and is garnering positive reviews.

• What are your upcoming ventures?
o Currently I am working on two novels and both of them are love stories. They are not romantic novels but deal with the complexities of love and how it can change lives for better and for worse.

• As a writer what do you think your commitment to society is?
o In today’s busy world, we are all so preoccupied that we often forget to stop and smell the roses. Through my book I have tried to shed light on the simple nuances of human relationships in order to remind people to cherish and find happiness in the mundane.

• What is your advice to budding writers or any special message to readers?
o After gaining whatever little experience from my first book , I would like to say to budding writers that write from your heart. Do not try to embellish you writing forcefully with fancy style, flowery language and famous quotes. If it is coming naturally with the flow, go ahead, else do not try too hard to make you work look something that isn’t you.

Read a lot and keep on practising to hone your writing skills. Most importantly enjoy what you do.