A Mystical Majesty The Woman by [Rastogi, Ruchika]


The book is about a journey of a girl. How she undergoes transformation at each stage of her life? How she tackles her problems and comes out to be a winner? Why being a girl is a blessing in disguise? Are some of the many issues that are discussed in this book.

Book Review~

To start with I would like to say this book is for you all out there … those brave hearts , those beautiful soul …mothers, sisters, wives, daughters… to womanhood.

The Inspiration behind this book is honorable Ms. Kiran Bedi the officer, activist, protagonist and what not; really her speech section given will inspire the readers too, I found it to be the best start to for the book. Further the book explores phases of life, the journey of transition from a girl to a women. Each phase is beautifully captured and explained and poems adds elegance. It was motivational and thought provoking. Maybe this can be a guide to understand a woman 😉 haha!

The Unit wise divisions and briefing gave a text book feel which I found to be not   pleasing. Also may be a plotted fiction conveying these ideas would have been better. But overall the thought behind this and the initiative to educate the mass about a woman’s life is much appreciated!

I would like to recommend this book to all especially to girls as this could be an inspiration to you all I think. I would rate this book 3.75/5 🙂

About the Author~

The author of this book, Ruchika Rastogi is a Post Graduate in English subject and has a specialization degree as Bachelors in Education along with Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech. This is a professional degree as a One year course in speech therapy for the individuals who have speaking and conversation problems either by birth or have developed the same during developing years.

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