Today at Meet the @uthor we have … Ruchika Rastogi, who would like to spread positivity with her book– A Mystical Majesty The Woman…


1. How did you come up with the title – A Mystical Majesty The Woman?

Mystical Majesty refers to the majesty who is having a mystical aura around her.And that is what a woman should be like.There is a saying–nobody can understand a woman. This goes true with my title.Thus trying to demystify her a little bit.

2. What is your motive behind the book?

Honestly,my first motive was to prove myself that I can do something like this.And secondly I had seen lot of pessimism in people. They are having negative feelings ,thus spreading negativity. Sometimes genuine and sometimes just for the sake of it.So I wanted to write something related to positivity and what better than to start with yourself-the woman.I tried to convey that we should be thankful to god about what we have instead of cribbing about what we don’t have.
3. If given a choice what would you choose to be, bestselling author or an award winner ? Why?

I want both.Obviously, if I can win an award,it can be the best seller too.But whatever, I think a writer needs a booster dose on a regular basis to keep going.It can either be internal or external.
4. What is your view on Womanhood in India? 

Womanhood today has become a confusing term. Man or woman ,sometimes try to practice its extremist version leading to ego clashes.According to me,womanhood is exhibiting your true self.You can practice what you desire.It can be related to your marriage, career,clothes or your hobby.Sometimes bowing your head or agreeing to somebody is also womanhood.So for me,respecting,loving and standing for ones own self is womanhood.

5. What were the major challenges you faced in writing and how did you overcome them?

There were two challenges while I was writing-one was my mind .Due to certain situations I was not able to concentrate properly on anything at that time.I took that as a challenge and tried my level best to overcome that.The other challenge was time.With two small kids,one can never have enough time to do anything. Thus I took out a little time from my mornings and nights to proceed.And the result has really gratified me which has uplifted my confidence.

6. How was your journey from penning to publishing?

My journey from penning to publishing was enjoyable,satisfying but somewhat exhausting too.Still in the end I can call it a cherish able learning experience. I started writing something never to get that published. But when I saw the blue print(being the teacher), the vision of the book came in front of me(as I am a dreamer too).then I struggled hard to get it published. Since I was a novice,I was not able to find any publisher.Then after much sweat and labour,I found one and I started stalking him day n night so as to get my lil baby in my hands.So I can say it is is the gift of gab given to me by my lord.

7. What is writing for you?

Writing for me was passion.I started writing way back in my school just to relieve myself from my emotions.And seriously I used to feel fresh after that..But now it has become my life with whom I can share myself.
8. What change would you like to see happening in our society?

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to tell appropriately or not,but I’ll try.Change for me is inevitable.And I want everybody should live life .In this materialistic world I want to see the soul in people in terms of happiness, mutual respect and where there’s no hypocrisy but there’s love blooming in the eyes of people. Impractical may be I sound,but this is me.After all,we get only one life.Who knows,for how long we are here.So we should live each day as the last day.

9. Your advice to budding writers/readers?

If you are writing ,write with your heart and soul,don’t just write for the sake of it.If you are true,you are genuine,your writing will definitely connect you and your readers.

10.  What are your upcoming ventures?

My upcoming venture will again be related to women.But ,not nonfiction. This time its fiction.It’ll be a book of short stories related to mothers in different situations like a widow mother,an unmarried mother ,a divorcee mother and some more.Let’s hope for the best that it’ll be completed soon.

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