Dishonourably dismissed from the police force, Roy has been
condemned to a life of obscurity. The twist in the tale comes with the
murder of a well-known man in the Mumbai finance circle. Roy is hired by
the self made tycoon Jayesh Kumar to probe the case. While Roy is
excited at the chance at redemption, he fails to understand why he
became the chosen one.
What looks at first an open and shut case, quite rapidly evolves into a tale
of deceit and revenge. Roy must take care not to fall for the suspect, and
not to see things as they appear. As his personal life gets tied to the
success of the case, the question becomes, not whether he can have
faith in strangers, but whether he can trust his friends.
Inspired from real life cases, The Monsoon Murders is a
fast-paced detective novel, taking the Indian crime fiction genre to
mysterious depths.


An eminent employ of renowned firm, Fox capital was murdered. The authorities of the firm decides to hire a private detective to look in to the matter; Roy , a dismissed cop but why he was chosen out of all? As he proceeds with the initial open and shut case more loops uncovers and he gets caught in its connection to his existence. Where will it lead him and what is the mystery behind it? … The Monsoon Murders will lead you through!

The suspense that author keeps intact in every page makes it intriguing. The plot is very convincing and brilliant and the point that it is inspired from real life cases adds to it. The way Roy goes through the case, through every loop holes to uncover the deeper meaning of the case that is linked to himself is efficiently presented through words. The writer did a great job in keeping focus on each character according to the plot’s demand of time and importance. The added attraction is that the story follows unpredictable twists and turns which could even make you gasp! I really think that the book will hit the bestsellers list soon! 😀 . The characters are very much realistic and yes don’t expect a happy fairy tale ending to this as that’s not how reality works 😉

The affair that bloomed between Alina and Roy was very much predictable but the good thing is that there is no unwanted focus on their romance or detailing.

I would rate this book 4.5/5 stars🙂 , grab a copy and see how difficult it is to keep it down once you start reading 😉

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About the Author:

Having graduated from one of the most prestigious B Schools of India, Karan Parmanandka is currently an investment banker by day and author by night. He loves Kafka, Gaiman, Bergman and Zepplin. He hates tying his shoe laces.