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“If you consider the past as one eligibility, every one of us sitting here are good for nothing”

When it comes to relationships, which quality do you look in for??

Beauty? Wealth? Fame?

Being together, Thinking of your partner each moment, Late night chat, Spying on him/her, Sex, Conflict with your parents, That heroic decision to leave your respective houses… Love may not be always about the usual scenes, that mentioned above…

Love can wait, Love can accept the faults, Love can uphold your morale and moral values in your life, Love can change even the custom in a society…

Story of Sree Venugopal and Veena, started during a competition  ‘Best Manager’, extends to the biggest competition human have ever played.. The Life.

Were  they really the Best Managers???


Best Manager – Compete To Love.. Love To Live unfolds life of Sree Venugopal a college student who found love from a competition he happen to participate named ‘Best Manager’. Further story shows their blooming relation; is it meant to be?

The story is youthful and realistic. The Blurb and the book cover is very impressive but the same impression is not sustained with the content. It was like an account of Sree’s life; incidents which he shares with the readers. It raises striking thoughts of current relationship logics and about life. Youngsters will connect to the story easily as it is more of their tale. The game Best Manager described to be the base of the story is interesting. There is no much deeper explanations and stretch which went fine with me 🙂

The writing style needs to be improved and it needs a good edit. There was no story as i said rather a life account; I felt that the author could have done much better in framing it to convey what he wished, to the readers.

Rating: 3/5🙂

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About the Author

Arjun Thiagaraj from the city of letters – Kottayam (Kerala), ‘Best Manager’ is his debut book.

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