That Stupid Bug Called Love: and other stories by [Gupta, Avishek]

About the Book:

The book(Kindle Edition) is a collection of heart warming short stories that are sure to touch a cord across all generations of readers. Some of the stories will make you fall in love; while some will thrill you with excitement. Some of the stories take you to the darkest hours of the city and surroundings around you, while some remind you of the little joys of life.
Get introduced to Megs and Ron, a cute couple as they experience their first love; get introduced to the likes of Arjun, Jai and Meghana, fearless journalists who expose a heinous crime and get introduced to VINASHAK, the most ambitious cyber project of the Indian government.
That Stupid Bug Called Love and other stories is an attempt to take you on a whirlwind journey which will make you smile, shed a tear, get enthralled and excited.
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A set of short stories with different set of ideas and theme that could give you a good time reading. It comprises of nine stories; Weeds, which shows you an unusual way of falling in love, The Perfect Photograph convoy a striking message out, The Burning Torch of Truth is a great base of a mystery drama, Total Eclipse points out the world we are leading to in the name of cast creed and divisions, A Ganges Full of Love shows a sweet love tale, Vinashak the Destroyer is a patriotic tale with an interesting plotline, Many Silences in My Soul redefines silence and its depth, Vishwakarma Fervor is a happy tale with a festive background telling you to enjoy those little surprises in life and finally That Stupid Bug Called Love…shows that love can do a lot to you.

The book is a light read, packed with all flavours; drama, mystery, romance… The thought each story try to convey is interesting along with a fine writing style and catchy names. What lacks is that a lot is tried to convey through a short tale and it kind of falls apart. Execution and the presentation could have been better. Some have high voltage drama which was too much for me and some went pale with no emotion.

My favourite line from the book: “An addiction is bondage. One should live freely. Nothing should be indispensable” from Weeds.

My Rating : 3/5 🙂

About the Author

Avishek Gupta works in a senior position in a leading software organization. Avishek has had multiple short stories, poems, articles and blogs published in various magazines, corporate newsletters, and websites.

Other than writing, Avishek’s hobbies include reading, music, movies and quizzing. He works and lives in Kolkata.

He is currently working on his debut novel and his next short story collection.

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