Today we have the man who succeeded in quitting the rat-race to embrace the world of creativity and dreams, the multi-talented Mudit Bansal to share his thoughts with us…


  • If you are to sum up about yourself in three lines how will you put it?
    • I need only three words to define my self.. ENGINEER TURNED ARTIST 🙂
  • You have an impressive horizon on work front; critic, writer, director, lyricist … what brought you into these fields?
    • Satisfaction brought me here…Roshandaan Film Group and Aagaman literature Group Delhi- these two organizations gave me lots of confidence..every person wants to fly is good but you have to be down to earth have to consider the reality and it will make you a successful person.
  • Your book is going to be released- Pankh, the name itself is intriguing, what does it mean and what is it all about?
    • Well you have to wait for the book.. basically it’s a story of love ,passion and solitude.


  • You are a renowned critic… While penning Pankh did you face a conflict between the critic and writer in you? How was the experience?
    • Very interesting question..Being a critic I was writing a script..but my story Pankh will use a new trend of hindi writing #nyiwaliHindi is in a screenplay manner… testing phase for me .. criticism is an easy job..but writing is little bit tough.
  • Despite being from a software background you chose to be in these fields; what was the reason or the drive to do so?
    • Definition of software is different in my case…change in header file #include<creativity.h>..well no placement from college was turning point of my life..if I got placed then I would have been living a routine life of a software engineer (Not for all software engineer )at that time I realized that life wanted something else from me..and now I am decoding my dreams into words ..and I got the path which is very challenging and creative.
  • Can you share any interesting experience you had working in short films?
    • Haha..yah.. lots of ,During Ad Film shoot director sir said before giving master shot to give a rehearsal shot with the that time I was very nervous because I had never faced red pro camera before..and I was unable to do the rehearsal shot that time all the people in the unit were laughing…. there are lots of interesting experiences there but can’t share now kyunki kuch chupana bhi acha hi hota hai 🙂 🙂
  • What is your preference to be; best writer or a best critic?
    • Oh.. Probably critic..I am not a professional writer .Someone close to me asked me/helped me to be a writer ,with out that one I can’t write ..After winning an Aagman Young Talent award 2016 in literature, Lyrics is also important for me, my next 4 anthologies as a lyricist will out very soon.
  • What is creativity for you?
    • Since childhood I m an art lover and Designing the paintings is my first love .
      For me creativity is like of that software who executes without compiling or in other words it’s more about execution of that inspiration.
  • What were the challenges you faced in your path of growth?
    • Lots of challenges…A lyricist always face the sampling and Delphi method and Ghost Writing challenge .After completion of my ,people (relatives also) torchered/criticised me about My Job planning /earning money but.. niyati ko kuch aur hi manjoor tha :)These criticism made me a critic and now I have learned how to make two negatives into positive .
  • If I am to grant a wish of yours, what will you wish for?
    • I want to present some great pieces of art in my life that people can recognize me by that pieces of Art…And my dream is to build a Child home.
  • What change would you like to see in Indian society
    • Very imp. question , our society runs on predefined parameters..why not people think about the independence of thoughts..why not they allow young minds to fly…why does they impose predefined ideology of getting a good job after a good degree..why don’t they appreciate young artist…I belong to same society where sbka ek hi takiya kalaam hai “B.Tech ki degree pr nokri ko slaam hai ” so I wanna change this ideology( my next script will be based on this ), here I wanna mention extra about my parents ,brother and my close Friends (From college ) who were always with me in my trouble days; saying “Make your hobby your strength ,Mudit ” I salute to them..!A very Big thanks to my Teachers coz ‘ Guru Bin Gyaan kahan..’
  • Any message to the readers?
    • Hello world…Khwab Dekho Aur unko poora kro..Respect the Art..Respect
      Artist..And Respect to all…Spread love and Happiness….And last Feel the ‘PankH’ in Your society ..