The skinny, bare bodied boy of an East Bengal village is willing to do whatever it takes to visit the newest entertainment buzz; motion picture. The passion is pursued in later life with whatever be it: carrying cash of bank in the oddest possible manner, escaping disguised in the coal-heap of an engine from an alienated land, rearing tiger cub in Orissa forest, finding moorings in a hitherto unknown land, and……giving shape to a goal……not cherished by many. Obstacles, barriers are ways of life; let them come. What matters is the satisfaction at the end of the day. That is Sanjoy for you; the Ulysses, or Odysseus by his own rights. He savours the beauty of the hilly terrains with the same gusto as he has his romance with telegrams. Torrid times like escapade from Pakistan, death of the first child or imprisonment during postal strike are taken with equanimity. There is a bit of Sanjoy in everybody; yet, can everyone be an Odysseus?


Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.
But moving on overcoming those, is what that makes it, worth it.

Odyssey of a Postmaster tells you the story of Sanjoy of east-Bengal; his life. Sanjoy was not similar to other boys his age, he was always eager to catch hold of the events around and he dreamed big. As time passed on, he faced many hardships; his struggle to keep his family happy, odd jobs as a post master at the borders, death of first child… but he thrived and never forgot his dreams.This is a story of a Postmaster, Sanjoy – his dreams , his odyssey.

From an interesting title and an impressive cover design it strikes a reader positively. The writing style adds to its charm. The story is like a set of stories one after another that anyone can relate easily. Through Sanjoy you might be able to see a glimpse of yourself; his dreams, determination, positive outlook and tireless working will aid in creating a space in reader’s heart. The way story unfolds gets you absorbed into it. The setback of the scenes are brought about well. There are layers to story and transition in characters as you go on, it will slowly grow on you. There are moments in it that you will be so into it that it might linger in your mind for a while. The book also discuss many serious social topics a bit. It is a book that worth your time, something thoughtful and intense, I must say, it is a gem.

I will rate this 5/5 🙂 . Do grab this one, it is worth your time, one of my best read.

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