Manav Modi and Deepak Mehra are poles apart – one down to earth, other flamboyant, one introvert, other overtly loud, one aspiring to be rich, the other born with a silver spoon. Except their feelings for Urvashi, they have nothing in common. Yet, they are ‘friends’. They part ways, only to come together in a web of destiny that puts them against each other, testing their friendship, love, patience and even their choice of a profession!

“CAs are very conservative and live meagre lives like cockroaches, unlike flamboyant MBAs,” he had said. And my race with an MBA inspired me to be the best and greatest chartered accountant. Ever. The 3 U-Turns of My Life?


The 3 U-Turns of My Life brings you Manav Modi and Deepak Mehra, two opposite personalities with a strange relation of friendship and a common love interest, Urvashi. Life brings them on crossroad joints with regards to career and personal life and of course there are U-turns too. Who will win Manav , Deepak or say… life?

Spot on point- its not engineering life discussed in it, there is CA and MBA much to make it refreshing. The idea of giving such career background importance along with the romance quotient worked well for the book; I liked how the corporate world, career and family balance is discussed in the book making it much more than a romantic tale.  The relations discussed in the book is rather interesting there is a different shade to each let it family bonding, love or friendship. The plot is youthful and easy to connect with. The writing style is simple and effective for the story. There are points in the story that could make you chuckle and there are a some where you might grin wide. A realistic story  to follow on.

I personally did not like the title of the book; it felt pretty similar to three mistakes of my life; if you get what i mean! Also the story was predictable , i think it could have been much better. Overall a good one time read.

I will rate this book 3.75/5 🙂 … Tired of engineer-setup youth-stories? … This one is your pick! 😀

About the Author

Jitendra Gianchandani (a.k.a. Jeetu) is a Chartered Accountant (yawn) by education. He is a founding partner of JCA Consulting Group based in Dubai. At present he lives in Dubai with his family and fifty-two domestic staff, including his pets. To know more about Jitendra, pick up this book!

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