The three Khans, Akbar, Amit and Chris, spelt their surnames differently but the Indian filmgoer still liked them. They were the uncrowned kings and superstars of the Hindi film industry. ‘Uncrowned’ meant there was no clarity about who was better than the other. This confusion was on display from the way they tried to run down each other in private and public.
Baba Ram Karim was everything rolled into one-a philanthropist, businessman, film financier, race horse breeder, educationist and much more. Some called him Don behind his back!
The three superstars indulge in ruckus and childish behaviour during Baba’s famous Iftar party where they were invitees. A furious and unhappy Baba plans retribution and calls it Khan Vs Kahn Vs Kanh.


“Who doesn’t know about Bollywood? After all, we churn out movies in such great quantities every year! People across the globe know Shekhar Kapur.”
~ Arjun Rampal

Khan vs Kahn vs Kanh ; you could guess from the title is the story of three big shots of Bollywood with similar surnames. They are the top notches who envy each other and stand equal in the industry with similar horizon of work and followers. The life of the trio takes a huge twist with a particular incident, in a way ignited by themselves… how will they get out of it?! Or will they be able to get out in the first place?! Grab a copy to know! 😉

The book in one word – OUTSTANDING! You rarely come across a book with really new things to offer you in all sense; concept , plot, presentation all makes it interestingly stand out piece among the other books. I appreciate author’s effort in detailing the Bollywood world, a pretty good job done there especially with the recap of Indian Cinema history. The lucid writing style, character framework and the plot line will gain your interest and attention easily. You will be able to walk along with the characters as they progress emotionally; how they change with stardom and fame.

The only thing i found odd is that for the content the book cover is not up to the mark.

I will rate this 4.75 / 5 😀 and would love to recommend it to my readers, this is a must read!

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About the Author:

N. S. Ravi holds a master’s degree in economics from Delhi University. He has had a distinguished career in senior positions in public and private sector enterprises dealing in jewellery, infrastructure, textiles and apparel in Europe, Africa and India. He speaks English, Hindi, Tamil and French.
This is his second book. His first book titled, Those were the days was a non-fiction published in 2015.
Ravi currently lives in Delhi with his family.
He can be reached at