The Flame of Anahata: Love Conquers All... by [Umakanthan, Saranya]
“They turned to see his tears of love wiping away her blood of agony…”
Diya throws Suraj’s proposal back in his face, leaving him broken-hearted. Why would she do so when she loved him desperately?
Suraj finds his Guruji unconscious beside a cave clutching the warrior Indrajith’s diary. His heart-rending love story then unfolds. Being trapped in a web of emotions, Indrajith endured the pain of his lost love, hurting himself and trampled Deepali’s hope for his adopted brother… Who was he?
Sealed for centuries and holding the Mann-Parivarthana astra, the cave is besieged by evil now. But all attempts to unlock it go futile. Faced with baffling hints, Suraj’s intelligence is sorely tested. What is the potent power required to break through that Paanch-Dost-Gupha?
Will the fire of love ever flicker in the hearts of Diya and Suraj?


The second book in the COMEBACK WARRIOR Trilogy, The Flame of Anahata is a fantasy filled romantic tale. With Diya and Suraj the books take you to two simultaneously moving stories filled with layers; romance, mystery, historic content and so on.  The name Anahata has a lot to say in the book. From the blurb as you see, why Diya turned down Suraj’s proposal, their love… all holds a reason that is 100s of years old. What they hold in the store is for you to find by grabbing a copy and let me say this, it will be worth!

I was captivated by the book easily, my interest horizon also has a role in it but still, the book kept me engaged throughout. I loved how things were detailed and interlinked; the series of events presented like the beads of a chain formed a wonderful treat for a book lover like me. Among those beads and connections, the concept of Anahata and Lotus is what that piqued my interest the most. It is commendable that how the author incorporated new age taste with such a thread and plot. The past, the present, the chakra, a mysterious cave, reincarnations … as you leaf the pages each scenario will play in front of your eyes effortlessly.

The basic structure or keys of the plot are all the more not so new but the author succeeded in pulling everything together and creating something different and interesting. The only serious off point I felt is the book cover, I don’t think it does justice to what is inside.

I will rate this amazing page-turner 4.5/5 and happily recommends it to all my readers.

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About the Author:
Saranya Umakanthan is a software engineer by profession and a two-time university topper. An avid reader, she enjoys playing with words. She loves coffee, books and online shopping. Nothing brings her more contentment than seeing a reader enjoying her book. The fragrance and texture of paperback novels inspire her and she hangs out at bookstores frequently.