Kalpesh Kotecha

He doesn’t make people smile, He makes them laugh whole heartedly.

It won’t be wrong if I say, ‘Kalpesh Kotecha is a person who creates beautiful smiles, well as a life coach and a dental surgeon he indeed makes people smile more beautifully. 😉

A dental surgeon by profession and motivator by passion, Mr. Kalpesh Kotecha is the author of the popular self-help book – GIFT Yourself ‘YOU’. He is been helping students and individuals making them reveal the strength within them, letting the secret out letting the world know we are complete, uplifting the choices and transforming them into reality. Seems virtually impossible, all of a sudden looks possible towards your growth making you invincible, is what makes Dr Kalpesh Kotecha the most opted speaker and trainer.

Considering his equally important profession, with 21 years of experience, his specialties include smile designing, implantology, and orthodontic and is the most preferred dental surgeon in Mumbai.

Connect him at @drkalpeshkotecha