A politically driven criminal syndicate tries to steal a valuable ancient artifact, The Aravan Head, from a very old temple of the transgenders in Hijravan. Police officer Arya foils the  attempt. The incident unfolds a deadly secret that connects to a series of mind-boggling crimes which points to an unlikely person of tremendous authority in the political & business circles of Mumbai. With his friends kidnapped, his own people involved with the criminals and himself facing departmental enquiry, Arya is strangulated from all sides. Meanwhile in Delhi, 4 college girls, fed-up with the canteen food, hire a cook. While they expect an old, typically professional person, they are in for a great surprise that leaves them sweetly shocked. But the surprise is short lived after a beautiful transgender arrives at their bungalow revealing secrets that baffle them. Unfortunately the lives of the 4 girls become a nightmare along with that of the transgender. Did Arya arrest the main perpetrator behind all the crimes? What dangers did the Transgender bring to the girls? Did they survive the deadly situation they were pushed into? What price did Arya pay to win?


The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.     ~Bess Myerson

Aravan Head is the second book of Arvind Narsima that I am reading. Arya – The Beginning, first installment of the Investigator Series always remain alive in a part of my brain and as expected Aravan Head succeeded in pleasing my taste too. It is indeed prideful to see an Indian author coming up with such high-class work.

Aravan Head follows Arya who gets caught up in the chaos of the Aravan Head theft case. It gets more complicated and clawing as he tries to untie each knot on it, there was much more to the case than that up front, root to evil. How will he save himself from it, if not solving it?!

Each page is like a thrilling movie scene, as you leaf through the pages you will get more and more absorbed into it. The effort of the author to incorporate such serious theme into his plot without compromising the quality of presentation and plot is appreciated very much. Arvind is amazing in building up characters strong enough to grow on you and that happens here too, each character will leave an impact on you also you might even change your point of view on transgenders through this.

If I have to point out any low points, it is that there were a lot of serious concerns of the society together that each didn’t get the deserved attention. But overall it was an amazing read.

I personally take pride in recommending this book to my readers, I will rate this 4.75/5 😀 , Eagerly waiting for the next book from this author.

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