About The Book:

Solitude Revisited is a collection of short stories. It is a confession, a realization and the musings of a pensive young heart. There are a million stories around us, but few are told. This book is about those invisible souls you encounter everyday, but never care to observe. Sometimes, the eyes need to look further than just what they can fathom, the heart needs to seek an anecdote and the mind needs to frame a memoir for the soul — to survive the vastness reality throws at it. That’s where fiction steps in, presenting an alternative universe for the mind to thrive in, so it may preserve its individuality and brood over its reflections. Thoughts demand to be contemplated and preserved just like history, for they tell infinite stories no sane mind can perceive. Solitude Revisited is all but real; it’s a confidante and a confession, an artist and his muse, a whisper and a madman. Listen to it and you may find yourself, listen to yourself and you may find it.


“Life is too short for old fingers to count regrets.” ~ Solitude Revisited

Solitude Revisited presents you ten short stories – Zora, Arundhati, Kevin, Sumi, Zunaid, I, Akanksha, Afreen, Trisha, Joy,  coloring different scenarios of life. Just like the name suggests, the stories speak the perspective of the character after which it is named. Each of them holds a share of their life to share, let it be their confusion or realization or the circumstances, they will tell you about their solitude. Grab a copy to get to know more about them.

The writing style and presentation of the author is what I found as the major plus point of the book, she effortlessly conveyed the character’s feelings, emotions, and thoughts through her words; they reach to your heart easily. I loved how short and crisp they were that you feel like wanting a bit more of it. Deep yet simple thoughts were conveyed through the stories that give you a wide scope to ponder upon. It was something that feeds your mind!

My personal favorite is Zunaid – It is just as it says, “There are two things certain about a man’s dreams. Either he achieves it, or he dies trying.” It simply touched my heart, his dreams, poverty, life, and his struggle; it was as if a hard truth hit me, Zunaid represents a huge mass of India sadly!

There is nothing low worth mentioning about the book as it beauty patches it all. I will rate this book 4.75/5 🙂 .

About The Author: 
Manaswita Ghosh is an independent media professional based in Calcutta. She is an optimist who believes each day has beauty in store for those who seek it, no matter how bad a day it is. She loves to observe and pen her thoughts as they occur to her; penning stories has been more of an obsession to her than a casual pastime. She has worked for The Telegraph Calcutta in the past. Penguin Books India, The British Council, First Step Corp., and Talent Flush Creations have published her in the past. Of every amazing experience this world has to offer her, she is crazy about travelling, reading and fine dining.
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