Madhav is an aspiring writer stuck in a dead-end corporate job that gives him no
joy and no time to write his book. But there’s more to him than meets the eye.
He has been hiding a secret all his life-which, if revealed, may shatter the very
existence of his being.
His loved ones know he’s holding something back but don’t suspect anything
grave until his girlfriend, Meera, tired of his constant mood swings, decides to
take him to an art therapy session. There he meets someone who tries to
unearth the past Madhav so desperately wants to keep buried.
So what exactly happened years ago? Why does Madhav not want to go down
memory lane?
From the bestselling author of A Half-Baked Love Story and Love . . . Not for
Sale comes another enigmatic tale of friendship, hidden truths and the
redeeming power of love.

Book Review

Every person who is a part of your life holds a role, a few stays, a few leaves, while a few create an impact for a change…

Love Will Find a Way by Anurag Garg tells you about Madhav; he is just another simple guy with a simple office job and a loving girlfriend and family, seems so at least. But he is a man of a secret air, an aspiring writer who is stuck in rat race. He is bottled up with secrets of his past that are strong enough to shatter his so-called simple life. His unbearable mood swings and oddness disturbs the rhythm of couple life and yearns for a change bringing another prominent character into his life. It is for good or bad? Will love find its way to save him?

I found the writing style and narration to be brilliant, strong enough to captivate a reader to read it till the end. The plot had a refreshing feel to it, a bit different from the cliche or ordinary romance with elements of mystery and suspense. You will feel the characters, especially Madhav and Radhika, their journey and emotions involved. There was a warm feeling to it, filling inside you as you read through…! There was a flow to it, a good pattern of events turning out one after another with no scope of complaints.

I just felt that the end or the later parts could have been better since it started with a great feel towards mid, it shouldn’t have been easy to predict. A few small portions felt a bit dragged.

My Rating: 4.25 / 5 🙂 and would love to recommend it to my readers! 😀

About the Author

Anurag Garg is an engineering graduate and works in the IT industry. He’s the
author of two national bestselling novels, A Half-Baked Love Story and Love Not
for Sale. He finds himself close to nature and believes in creating circles of love
and service around him. He lives in Delhi with his family.

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