Today on this auspicious occasion we have Anuradha Prasad, author of Coming Back Home to share a few words with us…. 🙂

Tell us about yourself.
I am an artist, columnist, academician an author and a fitness
buff. I must do everything hands-on till I am satisfied. Recently, I
developed a penchant for traveling. I love to soak in the culture of
a new place and interact with the locals. I am a full-time mom and
a homemaker. Addicted to the life of perfection and writing.
Writing fills me and it’s like a drug. I cannot imagine my life
without it! Feel fruitful when useful to others.

What brought you into the field of words?
I think every person is blessed with some flair.My earliest memory is of
writing poems after school hours at the age of 7. As a child I was good at a
lot of things, drawing portraits, shading with charcoal, painting, and singing.
But as time passed, life just happened and except for my reading habit, nothing stayed. I simply remained a ‘storybook worm’. I was a voracious
reader and a good student of languages too through the school. I must have
read every genre on the planet as a child and into my adulthood. Book
reading habit developed patience , physical tenacity and intellectual riches in
Even today I can sit working back breaking endless hours through the nights
developing stories and plots. After my marriage and in the early 90s I wrote
features for a popular lifestyle magazine- Body and Beauty care (Of free Press
group) as a hobby that earned me a seat in Phd (Because of my Published work)
and I re-discovered my love for writing. To cut the long story short I started to
work for the best publications and it all paid rich dividends. There were no
rejections and I was offered a regular position to write features for the Times of
India and afterwards to edit Life style magazines . I must say that my talent,
love for writing and also a fair amount of recognition encouraged me to stay
where I am today and the journey into the world of words was really beautiful!

What is your approach to writing?
It is developed through many, many years of hard work. It is very simple
language that flows easily and it has to be that way. Now it just happens and
I do not do much about it.

What do you think is/are the disadvantages of being a writer?

1. Lack of good money
2.Dis-organized industry.
3.No proper platform.
4.Fear of rejection.
5.Besides if a writer does not do well its shameful .

Do you rather prefer popularity or contentment with your works?
Contentment. I personally prefer contentment. If publicity follows its good.
I must say – I was always content with my work then the publicity happened.

What was your greatest difficulty in writing and how did you overcome it?
The greatest difficulty was to meet the dead lines. I overcame by meeting them of

What are your upcoming ventures?
My third book. Which is going to release next year. A collection of short

What is your success mantra?
Hard work, hard work and more hard work! Perfecting the written word and
striving to make it better day by day. Its also constant belief in my self and
perseverance. I think luck plays a part but only after you have worked hard
towards your goals.

As a writer, what do you think your commitment to society is?

As a writer I want the youngsters should read and write more. Nowadays the
culture of reading has just vanished from the big cities. Lack of time is one
of the reasons. The old culture as you know is really fading. I feel every
Indian youngster should also strive to work against corruption. If my books
can inspire the society and women in some way then I would definitely feel
great about it. At this point my commitment I can say is to inspire people to
read more and increase their awareness!

What is your advice to budding writers or any special message to
Write and write more. You cannot perfect something that you do not
practice. For the readers of course I would request them to read my
work and give honest opinions and appreciation that I deserve.