About the Book: Mysterious 4:30 a.m. Every love story is inspired by another love story, but this love story is a distinct one which is inspired by its own…! “That day in the business economy of the flight I saw you for the first time, which was the most precious moment of my life and has been preserved in my eyes, in my heart, in my soul and in my thoughts. Ill not say that you were looking gorgeous coz…” Love stories are immortal, they never succumb to time. In fact, they are always meant to be forever. This story is also a kind of such endeavour. A Mysterious amalgamation of Real love, Destinys Unfavourable decisions, Unexpected turning points and A sweet love story of Shilpi Sanghi and Harsh Vardhan Singhania. I hope, its glow will illuminate the paths of young lovers and will remain alive forever in the deep thoughts of true lovers…!!



You never know what life holds for you, only present can tell!

Mysterious 4:30 AM… When it Happened … tells you an interesting and intriguing story about Harsh and Shilpi, How their love for each other took them on a journey filled with testing situations, unexpected turns of life and surprises. You will have to grab a copy to know more.

The presentation and story telling style of the author barring few glitches gave an interesting reading session. The story is the highlight of this book, it was what that keeps you going. Its full on a drama-pack, if you want something like a movie, this is your pick. The way story rolls out as you read on is indulging.

The book cover design could have been better and writing style needs polishing. I wish the best to the author for his future endeavors.

I will rate this 3.5/5 🙂

About the Author:

Nitin Sharma Nitin Sharma has proved himself a role model for our young generation. After the grand success of Mystery of Atom which amazed everyone with its unconquerable explanation and intensive depth of the Quantum Universe-Atom, this one is his second book. Mystery of Atom was launched after his long struggle of 8 years, on 23rd January, 2012. Then, within a year he took a complete turnover from a scientific book to a love based novel which is an incredible work in itself. Surprisingly, his talent doesnt end with his writing skills. He is a kaleidoscopically talented personality with the colors ranging from singing, dancing, acting, lyrics and poetry writing. As in this book, he has come up as an overall groomed and impeccably talented person. After spending his childhood years in a small district of Dholpur, Rajasthan he has now finally settled in Jaipur. He has served some renowned institutes as a lecturer of chemistry and presently is the Academic Director of pre foundation wing in a reputed institute for IIT-JEE. He is famous for his unique teaching style as he inspires and motivates his student.


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