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“There is a relationship between the eye contacts we make and the perceptions that we create in our heads, a relationship between the sound of another’s voice and the emotions that we feel in our hearts, a relationship between our movements in space all around us and the magnetic pulls we can create between others and ourselves. All of these things (and more) make up the magic of every ordinary day and if we are able to live in this magic, to feel and to dwell in it, we will find ourselves living with magic every day. These are the white spaces in life, the spaces in between the written lines, the cracks in which the sunlight filters into. Some of us swim in the overflowing of the wine glass of life, we stand and blink our eyes in the sunlight reaching unseen places, we know where to find the white spaces, we live in magic. Icebergs in Paradise is a journey that will make you travel the entire world of emotions – starting it from joy to sadness, love to pain, fear to cheer and anger to tranquility. “
Icebergs in Paradise is a brilliant collection of poems that holds power to allure and attract the readers, it will easily impress any poetry lover. With a positively eccentric title and a catchy blurb, the book will lead you on a journey of words, unspoken feelings, shades of life and emotions.
Poems like Narcotic Shame,Rapt, We once were, The Visitor will leave great impact on you.
They easily connect with the readers. The writing style and presentation holds elegance as to captivate a reader.
Each poem is strong enough to stand alone high and strong, they are not circling around a single theme but are he hues of different sort that could match and contrast so as to form the art of words.
As a poet myself, it was very interesting and pleasing to read such poems, I would happily re read them again and again, more and more.
I wish great success to the poet, let him make his way ahead… I will rate this book 4.5/5 🙂
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