20668324_10155392963643280_1094590142_nBook Blurb:-Making A Poem is a powerful affecting collection of poetry that sheds a fascinating light upon the writing process and poet’s personal aesthetics. These are eloquent pieces where the poet displays a confident command of the poetic form to bring his ideas and observations to life. The pieces that ponder the reality of poetic expression are perhaps most fascinating. Their reflexivity results in a most engaging collection of poems. Making A Poem is a intuitive, thoughtful and creative pieces that work together as a cohesive collection.


Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful….and Vihang A Naik is well versed in that language. Making a Poem is the proof of it.

This collection of poems by Vihang focuses on concepts of art of poetry, poem, a poet and much more with his poems divided in categories –  ‘Are you looking for that poet’ ,  ‘A poet as a young man’, ‘Making a poem’ ,  ‘A poem comes alive’ and ‘A Poet’
These carefully chosen words arranged in perfection… these poems will strike you making its way into your heart and soul. As a poetry lover, reading it was an experience that was more than I could ask for, it was seducing to embrace those words, it fed my soul a set of beautiful emotions.
I read and re read giving it shade and feel of my choice to bring out the most of it.
I appreciate the poet for creating such a brilliant work of art.
My favorite quote from those difficult-to-choose-collection is  “A Story always slips out of your hand” – A Story
I will rate this book which is strong enough to become an inspiration as well as an aspiration for all budding poets, 5/5 😀
Do grab a copy to enjoy this art!


About the Author:- 

Vihang A. Naik born in Surat, India on September 2, 1969, is a contemporary poet writing in English, widely published and won many awards.He is educated from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda with  English Literature , Philosophy and Indian Literature in English Translations.

From Surat, he moved to Baroda, Ahmadabad and other cities out of Gujarat. He had his primary school was from Navrachana , he changed cities and schools. His travels gave him unique insight into life and humanity and he wrote “City Times and Other Poems” which enters Limca Book of Records : 2016. His collections of poems includes City Times and Other Poems (1993), Making A Poem(2004) and Poetry Manifesto ( New & Selected Poems) (2010). His Gujarati collection of poems titled Jeevangeet (Gujarati poems) (2001) is dedicated to the cause of victims of Gujarat Earthquake 26th January, 2001. He also translates poetry written in Gujarati language into English including his own Gujarati Language poems into English. His poems have appeared in some of the most noted literary journals and anthologies. He lives and works in Gujarat, India.


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