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Buddha meditated for six years, and Shiva had his mountain. Could there be a drug that might induce enlightenment? A substance that could cause us to attain a heightened state of consciousness, the gaining of a perspective that perforates this veil of maya, revealing the divine in us and others a well? One that makes us perceive that the biggest problem of the world isn’t global warming, air pollution, or overpopulation, but is a global demented state of consciousness, the demon of ignorance that has ingested this whole wide world? Ananya synthesizes such a divine drink with immense difficulty, and tends it with great care-but the attainment of power often brings its abuse. It an attempt to beat the demon outside, he mutes all the voices contrary to his ambition including his much-revered intuition. He fails miserably but his torture endures. Does his indulgence keep Ananya entangled in the web of illusion, or will he emerge a true, conscious being, devoid of all attachments? Is the answer he has to discover for himself.

My review:-

“An over-indulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate.”

There is a saying –  We’re so quick to go to make things black and white, and to put things in their box. But everything is this mixture – and that’s what this world is – is this blend of different things. This book – The Perfect Drug by Chaitanya Saini is of that sort, an exquisite blend of different things and flavour but one. You cant really group it into a category, be romance or sci fi or thriller or any genre… it can take the frame that you decide as a reader.
The basic story line follows the life of Ananya, his pursuit of creating ‘The Perfect Drug’ to help his love interest out of addiction; A drug that can open yourself to you and the world… to tame the devil to do you only good; but is it even possible? Isn’t it playing with chaos? Will he succeed? Or will he succumb to the chaos?
There are a lot of inner thoughts conveyed or discussed in the plot (balance of life, self realization, introspection, finding beauty and meaning in even the little things and appreciating the big… and so on) that it itself causes a confusion but if the reader could find his way through the story, it will be an interesting read.
The story, the way it unfolds is the oomph-factor of this book; it is one of a kind, something that i came across for the first time, and that freshness will entice the reader in you. The presentation is also outstanding, complementing the story.
I will rate this unique piece, 4/5 🙂
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