Troubled by her father’s stubbornness and conservative temperament, the spirited young woman Sukanya desperately wants to run away from her dad’s villa. To find a way out she enrols in a postgraduate course in travel and tourism. With her all weather friend Ailsa Smith, she meets an American writer and businessman, Eric, at Jaipur Literature Festival in a comedy of errors. Eric recognises her talent and inspires her to write a novel as a means to be famous and thus earn freedom from her dad’s castle. The Aravalli Princess is a saga of a budding writer , adventure , ambition and friendship.


Aravalli Princess tells you about Sukanya. She is from a single parent, a bit of an orthodox family who actually aspires to be a writer but is bound by the expectations and restrictions of her father. Owing to fate, she crosses path with Eric who turns out to be an effective influence on her to chase her dreams and be bound. Her journey of finding herself also presents her a taste of love through Eric. Will she be able to embrace CHANGE?  Will she be able to give love a chance? Grab a copy to know more.

The story is quite simple yet the thought it conveys is very deep; a pretty nice story to read. I loved the character growth throughout; each of them have their own share to evolve through the pages. The author successfully kept up the curiosity factor that prompts the reader to read on further. Writing style is lucid and engaging. Romance element is not cheesy, it is realistic and is presented beautifully. Character interaction and dynamics is something that makes this book all the more interesting. Overall it is a heartwarming read.

The book cover design is beautiful and it has a catchy title. Good presentation and quality.

I would rate this book 4.25/5 🙂

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